Dawn Teverson

Knowledge Exchange Manager - Field Vegetables (Alliums, Brassicas, Carrots, Legumes)

Email: Dawn.Teverson@ahdb.org.uk

Phone: 02476 478 979

Mobile: 07583 059 183

Dawn joined AHDB in September 2014 having started her career at the National Vegetable Research Station, Wellesbourne (now Warwick Crop Centre) in 1984 as a plant pathologist specialising in bacterial diseases of beans in East Africa. Her background is entirely vegetable research and knowledge exchange based, but her career has included a brief foray into livestock genetics and conservation at the Rare Breeds Survival Trust.

She also spent time working with subsistence farmers in the southern highlands of Tanzania, interviewing and working with them to find out how they manage their crop genetic resources to deal with the challenges of diseases in one season and drought in the next. The problems faced by growers are similar the world over, especially given the changing climate and the way that will affect growing conditions in the UK in future. On returning to the UK, Dawn found that working for AHDB was the best way to get the research messages to the growers who need this information to push back the boundaries of what’s possible in vegetable growing.

Dawn’s interest has always been to help farmers and growers to increase their productivity by greater understanding of natural resources. She finds project managing knowledge exchange projects and delivering the outputs to growers the most rewarding aspects of her role.

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