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12 March 2020

A new autonomous guided vehicle to help tackle the labour shortage in horticulture

17 December 2019

How is data, artificial intelligence and automation changing horticulture production in Canada?

25 November 2019

How have nurseries in the Netherlands embedded automation in their businesses?

4 November 2019

Can you grow a crop of tomatoes without anyone entering the glasshouse?

4 September 2019

AHDB to be knowledge exchange partner for new robotics centre at University of Lincoln

13 August 2019

An exciting technological development in precision field vegetable production was demonstrated at Reading University’s Sonning Farm on 25th July. The new technology – eyeSpot – seeks to make a step-change in weed control for growers by both reducing herbicide usage by up to 95% and by working autonomously, eliminating the need for a sprayer operator.

1 August 2019

Will big machines disappear from agriculture?

10 July 2019

Automation, robotics and precision growing - take a look at some of the trends from this year's GreenTech show

20 June 2019

A Cambridgeshire based business is to lead the way in demonstrating labour saving techniques to help the horticulture industry offset the shortage of seasonal workers.

20 June 2019

A Scottish fruit grower will work with AHDB to highlight how horticultural growers can increase efficiency and reduce their reliance on labour.

3 June 2019

John Swain, FEC Energy, looks at the benefits and drawbacks of vertical farming in horticulture

18 April 2019

SmartHort heading to GreenTech Amsterdam

29 March 2019

Prototype robotic arm offers hope for commercial raspeberry harvesting

26 March 2019

Workforce, the single biggest challenge for global horticulture

13 March 2019

Technological transformation requires the industry to come together

8 March 2019

Apply to work with automation systems experts on your business

4 March 2019

Ross Mitchell, Castleton Farm, reveals how his decision to invest in cutting-edge fruit sorting technology has led to rich pickings.

4 March 2019

Josse De Baerdemaeker from University of Leuven explains the challenges and future opportunities for new technologies in horticulture ahead of his talk at the SmartHort Conference

28 February 2019

The potential benefits of data driven production

22 February 2019

Would you like to be at the cutting edge of improving labour efficiency in horticulture?

15 February 2019

Is vertical farming a true economic alternative for UK growers?

12 February 2019

New products & technology on show at the international fresh produce trade show

11 February 2019

Are mechanical weeders getting closer to fully replacing herbicides?

29 January 2019

How the space sector is revolutionising agriculture

23 January 2019

Leading experts in agri-tech, robotics and automation are set to talk at SmartHort 2019

9 January 2019

Meet the household brands bringing innovation to agriculture and horticulture

18 December 2018

Are robotic harvesters close to being commercial reality?

14 December 2018

Can imitation robots soon be replacing people in some of the repetitive horticultural tasks?

1 October 2018

AHDB student Luca Scimeca develops a new robot able to handle a very delicate manual task.

22 August 2018

Leading developers and influencers in agri-tech are being invited to exhibit at SmartHort 2019, a new conference designed to connect innovators with the horticultural industry.

19 July 2018

Projects like Hands Free Hectare, that successfully planted, grew and harvested a crop of spring barley without anyone entering the field, have shown that the farms of the future could be run entirely by robots, not people.

10 July 2018

Tractors have been a staple of the British countryside since the first world war but will we soon be seeing swarms of small robots running through fields, rather than our traditional machinery?

10 July 2018

Could a fully automated broccoli harvester that saves growers significant amounts of time and money soon be a commercial reality?

10 July 2018

A group of UK growers recently visited Wageningen University and Research in the Netherlands to check out the new and exciting technological developments being used in the areas or automation and robotics.

6 July 2018

Following a three-day study tour to The Netherlands in June 2018 to look at the latest developments in greenhouse technologies

19 June 2018

Twenty British growers who attended a 3-day study tour in The Netherlands heard how a different generation of robots can improve productivity by lending a hand, eyes, or even extra brain-power to support growers with data and repetitive tasks