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Brexit news

21 May 2020

Earlier this week the UK government announced the new Most Favoured Nation (MFN) tariff regime which will apply to all imports from countries who do not have a trade deal with the UK. For beef and lamb, the tariffs broadly mirror the level of the EU’s current Common External Tariffs.

27 March 2020

How changes to product standards could affect British agriculture

2 March 2020

What rules on regulations mean for UK trade policy

26 February 2020

Current proposals are for a tiered system targeted at different scales

3 February 2020

Food costs an average of £41.70 per person per week

21 January 2020

The bill now includes mentions of soil quality and livestock traceability

29 November 2019

Trade disruptions dampen global growth, affecting UK consumer confidence

1 November 2019

As the uncertainty surrounding Brexit continues, we attempt to clarify what the Prime Minister’s new deal is and what businesses should do now.

18 October 2019

In the case of a no-deal, the UK would be unable to export fresh potatoes into the EU until the UK is granted third country equivalency.

11 October 2019

After the UK has left the EU, immediate impact will be the application of export tariffs on processed potato products.

9 October 2019

The UK government announced revisions to the temporary tariff schedule which will apply to imports in the event of a no-deal Brexit. Further import tariffs have been announced for some cheeses, although the rates have not increased.

7 October 2019

The USA is planning to impose countermeasures of almost $7.5bn on a range of EU products, with dozens of products facing additional tariffs of 25% What does this mean for UK exports?

4 October 2019

If the UK leaves the EU in a ‘no-deal’ scenario, it will no longer be able to enjoy the benefits of trade agreements the EU has with other countries. In this article, we look at the progress that has been made in rolling over these deals and what it means for agri-food trade.

27 September 2019

As most of the UK’s seed exports are to non-EU destinations, long-term impacts would seem minimal but a no-deal scenario could have significant impact to individual businesses in the short term.

20 September 2019

88% of total crisp exports are destined for EU markets

12 September 2019

The UK will need to price competitively against the likes of both the Black Sea region and France, key competitors to UK trade into non-EU markets.

10 September 2019

We look at some key indicators to gauge the UK’s economic performance, what this means for consumers and the outlook for the months ahead, especially given the backdrop of Brexit uncertainty.

6 September 2019

The fresh chipping sector makes up c.12% of total potato production in Great Britain. The market follows season trends with demand driven by chip shop footfall throughout the year.

5 September 2019

The UK wheat harvest is now nearing completion, if yields continue in line with current estimates we tentatively forecast production of wheat at 15.9-16.2Mt. In a “normal” year the surplus wheat would find an export home primarily in the EU. However, this year is far from “normal”.

29 August 2019

The potential for a 7.3Mt+ crop of barley is looming for the 2019/20 season with harvest almost complete.

22 August 2019

Hard Brexit analysis of potential impacts facing UK markets in 2019/20.

19 August 2019

Tariffs? Tariff rate quotas? Allocations? We increasingly hear these terms as we approach 31 October Brexit deadline.

16 August 2019

What might be the barriers to European trade (specifically exports) faced by the potato industry?

8 August 2019

Recently published articles have examined the potential impact issues such as tariffs/non-tariff measures (NTMs) could have on the beef and sheep industry, following on from a report compiled by The Andersons Centre. However, those were short-term estimates of the impact on prices. How the industry will react will be the biggest game changer.

1 August 2019

A No Deal Brexit will have a substantial impact on beef and sheepmeat trade, whilst the impact of a Brexit Deal is likely to be relatively minor.

25 July 2019

Non-tariff measures are a key aspect of trade, which are often overlooked. They have a financial impact that, in some cases, can be significant. This article explores what these might look like under different Brexit scenarios

18 July 2019

When assessing the effect of a No Deal Brexit on UK beef and sheepmeat trade, the change in tariffs and TRQs need to be a key consideration.

12 July 2019

It’s taken 20 years, but on 28 June 2019, the EU and Mercosur (Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay) agreed a trade deal between the two blocs.

9 July 2019

Should the UK not agree a free trade agreement with the EU post-Brexit, there would be tariffs in place. What might this mean for European importers?

10 May 2019

First estimate for 2018

10 May 2019

UK Total Factor Productivity (TFP*) decreased 2.1% between 2017 and 2018, due to decreased outputs and a smaller increase in inputs.

18 April 2019

Could the UK be self sufficient in mozzarella if trade is disrupted under a no-deal scenario?

4 April 2019

In a no-deal, the UK would face a tariff on butter exports sent to the EU. This would make the majority of UK butter uncompetitive on EU markets.

26 March 2019

Workforce, the single biggest challenge for global horticulture

21 March 2019

Following the UK Government’s no-deal import tariff announcement last week, we take a closer look at what the changes might mean for UK dairy trade.

19 March 2019

What could the tariffs actually mean for prices if they came into force.

19 March 2019

Details of the potential tariffs for importing and exporting if the UK and EU do not agree a free trade agreement.

15 March 2019

Regardless of what happens with Brexit, unless the UK stays in, farmers in England will see direct payments removed by 2028. The situation for farmers in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales, (as of 11 March 2019) is unclear.

14 March 2019

On Wednesday 13 March, the UK Department for International Trade published a document detailing the UK most favoured nation (MFN) import tariffs if there is a ‘no-deal Brexit’.

13 March 2019

Initial assessment of the implications of the Government's no deal tariffs on AHDB's key sectors

12 March 2019

We look at how the cheddar industry has moved on over the last two years in preparation for Brexit.

11 March 2019

Those looking to export potatoes to the EU post-Brexit likely to struggle in a No Deal situation.

8 March 2019

Strategies are being put in place to minimise disruption

5 March 2019

Brexit decisions will be key to what happens with self-sufficiency but either way there are a number of challenges and things to consider

25 February 2019

In his latest blog, Phil Bicknell brings some much needed clarity to the Brexit debate

11 February 2019

British growers at this year’s Fruit Logistica say they are keen to work with European businesses post-Brexit – but they need political certainty.

16 January 2019

Yesterday (15 January) saw UK MPs fail to back the Governments’ withdrawal agreement with the EU, so what happens next?

20 December 2018

The government has released some technical notices looking at providing guidance for no deal Brexit planning. The notices can be found here and look at a wide range of topics including; farming and fishing, importing and exporting as well as the environment.

19 December 2018

What will the EU budget look like post-Brexit?

5 December 2018

Taking pride in what you do and working together to drive the industry forward were the key messages to dairy farmers at this year’s Scottish Dairy Hub debate which took place at AgriScot last week.

4 December 2018

Our new research shows allowing imports of products like chlorine-washed chicken and hormone-treated beef in a post-Brexit trade deal could negatively impact the UK meat industry

4 December 2018

Latest data around economic factors suggest the UK’s economy is performing reasonably well at present. Most data has been fairly stable for some time. This could be down to the uncertainty around Brexit, which means significant changes could occur in the coming weeks/months.

30 November 2018

AHDB's latest edition of Horizon cuts through the uncertain policy environment to provide insight into what lies ahead for agricultural commodities markets.

28 November 2018

The Food Standards Agency (FSA) has sent a letter asking for producers currently (or thinking about) exporting products of animal origin (POAO) to the EU to get in contact with them by 12 December.

22 November 2018

We examine the factors which could affect how agricultural funding could be split between the Home Nations in the future.

21 November 2018

A summary of the key aspects of evolving farm policy across the nations of the UK.

28 September 2018

Many of us in the industry have been scouring the Agricultural Bill for the shape of things to come in the post-Brexit world. What is clear is that direct payments will be diminishing, before disappearing completely (at least in England).

13 September 2018

Yesterday (12 September) Defra released an Agriculture Bill setting out the framework for the future Domestic Agriculture Policy.

7 September 2018

A new report published by AHDB suggests Brexit will have a considerable impact on the UK’s milling industry under a range of trade scenarios but the malting sector is in a far better position to weather the storm.

23 August 2018

How to make the most of the global export market post Brexit will be one of the major themes of this year’s Seed Industry Event held on 15 November in St Andrew’s.

9 August 2018

Potatoes are less exposed to Brexit risks than many other sectors.

9 July 2018

A new online calculator has been launched this week which will allow farmers and growers to see for the first time how they may be affected by potential Brexit scenarios.

5 July 2018

Brexit will provide Welsh agriculture and horticulture with both risks and opportunities so farmers and growers, as well as other parts of the supply chain, need to prepare now.

20 June 2017

Sentiment for British food is high, but could Brexit impact shoppers' choices?