Dairy publications

31 July 2020

Our regular newsletter featuring articles on our marketing campaign, strategic farms, genetics, lameness and more...

30 July 2020

The Digital Dermatitis Index is published on a scale from -2 to +2 and expressed as a percentage.

24 July 2020

An updated selection of the results of our research activity including animal health and welfare, genetic improvements, grazing and grassland management.

2 July 2020

This resource highlights the top priorities and actions of the dairy calf strategy and and will be reviewed at appropriate intervals

1 July 2020

Details for the genetic base change which was recalculated for all breeds in April 2020

12 June 2020

A flowchart on how to assess body condition score in dairy cattle, using the Penn State assessment method. Use the step-by-step guide to work out the body condition score of individual cows, using the coloured step markers, images and detailed steps to guide you.

10 June 2020

A pad to allow you to record body condition score at different times during the lactation

16 June 2020

Explore our collection of webinars and recordings from live events offering practical advice and expertise

1 June 2020

Print these posters to display around the workplace. Available in Hungarian, Bulgarian, Lithuanian, Latvian, Polish, Romanian and Ukrainian.

8 June 2020

The Recommended Grass and Clover Lists for England and Wales are drawn up after rigorous testing for attributes such as yield, persistency, quality and disease resistance. The data come from trials carried out by the NIAB-TAG, Barenbrug, IBERS, DLF Seeds, DSV, AFBI and SRUC, and are evaluated by a panel of experts.

11 June 2020

The latest research and advice on making silage.

17 June 2020

How to body condition score cows

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