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22 October 2020

Waste is any step in a process that does not add value to the customer. There are three types of waste in Lean management, Muda, Mura and Muri, and we explore them below.

21 October 2020

When the 5 Lean principles are combined into a company's processes and culture, they create Lean production, manufacturing, and operating systems. On this page, we dive into each of these in a bit more detail.

20 October 2020

Find out about the symptoms, spread and outbreaks of this damaging virus.

20 October 2020

Find out about UK and international outbreaks, and what to do in the event of an outbreak.

19 October 2020

All the latest analysis on weather events and their effect on farming and growing

16 October 2020

AHDB Aphid News provides regional information on aphid species and numbers. Download the latest edition below.

16 October 2020

Exploring downy mildew in protected cut flower crops.

15 October 2020

Help reduce the risk of spreading coronavirus by printing this poster to display around the workplace. Follow the guidance to help keep farm staff safe. Also available in Hungarian, Bulgarian, Lithuanian, Latvian, Polish, Romanian, Ukrainian. and Welsh.

13 October 2020

A list of companies that offer soil testing services and possibly forage analyses

12 October 2020

Our Extension of Authorisation for Minor Uses (EAMU) programme for the horticulture industry helps you to remain competitive by ensuring there is access to essential crop protection products.

9 October 2020

The AHDB Pest Bulletin, hosted by Syngenta, provides forecasts and up-to-date reports for most key field crop pests.

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