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Latest Pork news

8 April 2020

Finished pig prices continued to rise in the w/e 4 April, despite the market uncertainty.

8 April 2020

On April 3, US hog futures fell to their lowest level in over seventeen years amid COVID-19 concerns.

8 April 2020

China Customs has recently released combined import data for January and February 2020.

8 April 2020

The EU average pig reference price has now fallen for three consecutive weeks.

6 April 2020

Lockdown in March saw demand for meat, dairy and potatoes soar

6 April 2020

There will be 503 million more in-home meals eaten per week in this lockdown period.

2 April 2020

EU weaner prices have remained elevated in Q1 2020, but have eased in recent weeks

2 April 2020

As at 1 March, pig numbers in the US recorded a 4% increase compared to the previous year.

2 April 2020

The performance of the GB feeding herd was mixed in the 12 months to December 2019.

1 April 2020

The EU-spec SPP rose slightly in the week ending 28 March, by 0.24p to average 163.39p/kg.

1 April 2020

With such a great importance placed on imports of soyameal for the UK livestock supply chain, there is a need for greater focus on the global logistics and trade flows.

1 April 2020

"I’m delighted to be involved with AHDB at this pivotal time for UK agriculture and horticulture...."

31 March 2020

What do we know about the situation in some of the countries that export pork to the UK?

30 March 2020

How closures will affect meat, dairy and potatoes

30 March 2020

A new report by AHDB will arm exporters with crucial information on the Vietnamese marketplace as work continues to gain access for UK pork.

27 March 2020

How changes to product standards could affect British agriculture

25 March 2020

The EU-spec SPP was steady in the week ending 21 March, losing 0.07p to average 163.15p/kg.

25 March 2020

EU pig meat exports remain elevated moving into 2020.

25 March 2020

According to Defra, UK pig numbers on the 1 December totalled 4.7 million head.

24 March 2020

How retailers and consumers reacted to lockdown

24 March 2020

The impact of the coronavirus pandemic has dominated global markets over the past month, and it remains a fast changing situation.

24 March 2020

Using Defra and HMRC data, as well as AHDB’s own eating out review of 2019, it’s possible to approximate how supply and demand balance for each red meat in the UK.

24 March 2020

The European Commission have recently implemented measures to ensure the free flow of goods continues.

24 March 2020

GB breeding productivity improved year-on-year in the 12-months ending Dec 2019.

24 March 2020

New report highlights export opportunities for red meat sector; Vietnam and Canada

24 March 2020

A new guide to help the English pork industry maximise carcase value

20 March 2020

Levy rates applied to farmers, growers and others in the supply chain for next financial year - from 1 April 2020 to 31 March 2021 - have been approved by UK Ministers

20 March 2020

What we know so far in a rapidly changing picture

19 March 2020

After two months of shut down, China has begun to cautiously relax measures brought in to control the spread of coronavirus. We explore what this could mean for the global meat markets.

19 March 2020

In light of the evolving situation with Coronavirus (COVID-19), Pig Health Scheme assessments have been suspended

18 March 2020

The SPP recorded another modest increase in the week ending 14 March.

18 March 2020

We have some early indications about how the disease is affecting the supply chain in Italy

18 March 2020

The EU-28 (including the UK) produced 1.98 million tonnes of pig meat in December, according to data from Eurostat.

17 March 2020

UK pig meat exports (including offal) were up on the year again in January, following 12 months of consecutive growth.

16 March 2020

UK pig meat production in February increased by 4%, supported by higher slaughter and heavier carcase weights.

16 March 2020

This popular annual publication has been updated with (the latest) 2018 data and, for the first time, reports on indoor and outdoor sows separately.

12 March 2020

Offal contributed just over £27m to GB grocery this past year

12 March 2020

In the first budget since the 2019 general election, the agricultural sector retained red diesel subsidies, for another year at least, despite them being scrapped for most sectors.

11 March 2020

The SPP rose a little in the latest week ended 7 March, with the EU-spec price reaching 163.05p/kg.

11 March 2020

Defra has released its Farm Practices Survey, conducted in the autumn.

11 March 2020

Negotiations between the EU and UK formally began on March 2 2020. Both sides have published a mandate for their respective negotiating objectives

11 March 2020

In the four weeks ending 1 March 2020, EU pig prices made something of a comeback after several weeks of declines.

11 March 2020

The EU pig herd totalled 147.9 million head in December 2019.

10 March 2020

Claims by Quorn and the BBC have been successfully challenged by AHDB

10 March 2020

In 2019, Ireland exported 274,000 tonnes of pig meat (incl. offal), which was 4% less than the year before.

9 March 2020

Last year, pig meat supplies on the German market fell considerably as production declined and less product was imported.

5 March 2020

English pig numbers as at 1 December totalled 3.78 million head, 3% more than the previous year.

5 March 2020

Spanish pig meat exports in 2019 rose 14% year-on-year.

4 March 2020

The EU-spec SPP remained little changed again in the week ending 29 February, down only 0.06p on the week to average 162.67p/kg.

4 March 2020

Following a difficult third quarter, Canadian pork exports rebounded at the end of last year, as trade with China resumed.

4 March 2020

In the 12 weeks to 26 January, the latest Kantar data shows that spending on pig meat* at retail level increased slightly (+1%) compared to the period last year.

3 March 2020

The USDA has increased its 2020 US pork production forecast to around 13.1m tonnes.

2 March 2020

What rules on regulations mean for UK trade policy

28 February 2020

Pork exports from the UK broke new ground in 2019, smashing the half billion mark to reach £609 million.

26 February 2020

A larger pot of £3.5 million has been committed to ring-fenced fund (RFF) work between levy boards in England, Scotland and Wales in the coming year.

26 February 2020

Quality beef, lamb and pork from the UK will be in the spotlight when AHDB exhibits at the Restaurants Canada Show this weekend.

26 February 2020

Here, we look at how our November production forecast compares with actual numbers over the past few months.

26 February 2020

Fat levels in UK pork have dropped new research has revealed, in the first official testing for nearly 30 years.

26 February 2020

A larger pot of £3.5 million has been committed to ring-fenced fund (RFF) work between levy boards in England, Scotland and Wales in the coming year.

26 February 2020

The way that you submit an application for an Export Health Certificate (EHC) is changing.

26 February 2020

Current proposals are for a tiered system targeted at different scales

24 February 2020

An inspection of the UK’s pork market by Mexican inspectors has been branded ‘positive’ by industry leaders – as ambitions to gain market access move a step closer.

20 February 2020

Red meat exports from the UK rocketed to more than £1.5 billion last year – making 2019 one of the strongest years on record, with Asia being key to the success.

14 February 2020

Economic activity in China was much reduced for the New Year holiday, and then beyond as the government tried to limit the spread of coronavirus.

10 February 2020

Technology is expanding consumer choice in the food delivery market.

10 February 2020

Pork team to build stronger relationships with levy payers

10 February 2020

John Cross has been announced as Chair of Livestock Information Limited.

4 February 2020

The guide offers best practice guidance in England, Wales and Northern Ireland on application of fertilisers and organic materials to crops and grassland.

4 February 2020

Belt-tightening behaviours meant Christmas 2019 saw the slowest rate of growth over the festive period in four years.

3 February 2020

Food costs an average of £41.70 per person per week

30 January 2020

Spend on frozen food overall is steady, but frozen red meat is being left in the cold.

23 January 2020

Red meats have been struggling at retail in the past few weeks

23 January 2020

What is vital is that we make best use of the available natural resources we have in Britain

21 January 2020

The bill now includes mentions of soil quality and livestock traceability

15 January 2020

The EU Commission’s working group forecasts, produced last autumn, indicate that the average price for E-grade pigs will be over €200/100kg for most of this year.

13 January 2020

The way consumers view health is changing and one size does not fit all.

8 January 2020

The latest phase of our Love Flavour, Love Pork advertising campaign will be back on national television from Monday (13 January).

7 January 2020

The NFU's Next Generation Forum and AHDB today hosted a fringe event at the prestigious Oxford Farming Conference to help launch a new multi-agency vision to transform the skills landscape.

6 January 2020

On Monday 30th December, Chancellor Sajid Javid confirmed that the level of funding for direct payments to farmers will remain the same as the 2019 payment, with supplementary funding for Pillar 2 payments as well. The most recent announcements only confirms the 2020 payment level. However, the government have again reiterated their funding pledge that the current annual budget available to farmers will remain the same for every year of this parliament. Beyond 2020, direct payments are set to reduce in year 1 and the implementation of the new Environmental Land Management Scheme will begin to take shape. More clarity around this will be forthcoming as the Agricultural Bill returns to parliament.

2 January 2020

The Government has announced its legislative programme during the State Opening of Parliament on December 19th 2019. In total, there were 30 Bills unveiled in the Queen's Speech, including both the Agriculture Bill and the Environment Bill.

2 January 2020

This month is a huge opportunity to set the record straight, says Will Jackson

23 December 2019

No-one can have escaped the headlines about consumer behaviour and views on meat and plant-based foods. The European Commission has investigated the impact that switching between animal protein and plant protein might have on the prices and production of each.

19 December 2019

The European Commission has produced two scenarios for China’s ASF recovery – one slower, and one faster.

16 December 2019

Latest call to reduce livestock production misguided

12 December 2019

Snacking is back and health is driving fewer meal choices

12 December 2019

The European Commission has published its latest outlook for the EU agriculture sector.

12 December 2019

Red meat saw seasonal uplifts at Halloween but can we push the category further?

6 December 2019

Demand for beef, lamb and pork has been falling so far this year in key EU consuming countries.

2 December 2019

The Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education has launched a major review of apprenticeships for Agriculture, Environment and Animal Care in England.

29 November 2019

Trade disruptions dampen global growth, affecting UK consumer confidence

27 November 2019

Open letter to the BBC by AHDB, QMS and HCC

22 November 2019

Sales have gone into decline as health concerns begin to bite

21 November 2019

The ban on Canadian pork exports to China has now been lifted after a four-month period.

18 November 2019

NPA Chairman, Richard Lister has been awarded the 2019 David Black Award.

18 November 2019

More than 180 primary and secondary teachers were given food for thought at Scotland’s first conference to enhance teacher knowledge about farming, cooking and nutrition.

13 November 2019

Unsettled weather hampered grocery growth this summer

7 November 2019

TV star and Celebrity Masterchef runner-up fronts campaign promoting lean red meat in healthy, balanced diets

4 November 2019

Innovative butchery has developed 35 new pork cuts from the front section of the carcase, which accounts for around a third of it.

1 November 2019

As the uncertainty surrounding Brexit continues, we attempt to clarify what the Prime Minister’s new deal is and what businesses should do now.

31 October 2019

Access presentations from the College Lecturers' Day 2019

24 October 2019

There are potentially turbulent times ahead for trade but industry must work together to ensure we are prepared for whatever the future holds.

24 October 2019

Six sites in Britain have been given official approval to export trotters to China in a new agreement announced today.

21 October 2019

We have launched the latest version of our leading tool, the Meat Purchasing Guide, as a digital edition with 170 pork cuts now added.

14 October 2019

A new online training programme has been launched for pork to help expand the reservoir of meat skills and increase knowledge of cuts in the supply chain.

14 October 2019

Flexitarians are on the rise but has veganism been over-stated? How has market saturation affected meat and dairy sales?

11 October 2019

Farmers are being called to share their views to shape standards for apprenticeships which will develop the next generation of skilled workers.

9 October 2019

A new, online training programme has been launched for pork to help expand the reservoir of meat skills in the supply chain.

8 October 2019

Every two years, thousands of influential visitors from around the world descend on Cologne for Anuga – making it one of the most important industry events in the calendar.

7 October 2019

The USA is planning to impose countermeasures of almost $7.5bn on a range of EU products, with dozens of products facing additional tariffs of 25% What does this mean for UK exports?

4 October 2019

If the UK leaves the EU in a ‘no-deal’ scenario, it will no longer be able to enjoy the benefits of trade agreements the EU has with other countries. In this article, we look at the progress that has been made in rolling over these deals and what it means for agri-food trade.

1 October 2019

The 2020 European Pig Innovation Group (EU PiG) Grand Prix is open for

27 September 2019

A new Chair is being sought to head the AHDB when Sir Peter Kendall reaches the end of his term of office at the end of March next year.

25 September 2019

Here, we update our analysis on the potential effect of a No Deal Brexit on cull sow prices.

23 September 2019

Red meat from the UK will be showcased in Germany next month with its biggest presence in more than 30 years at the world’s largest trade fair for food and drink.

20 September 2019

Inspired by dishes from the Caribbean and Asia, shoppers will swipe for pork as the latest phase of our £2.5 million advertising campaign hits TV screens this October.

20 September 2019

Consumer Insights: The Online Meat Shopper Journey identifies key opportunities for red meat sector

16 September 2019

Blue Planet 2 brought plastic pollution to the forefront of the British environment debate. New research by AHDB has shown plastic usage in packaging is a concern for 86% of consumers.

12 September 2019

12% of pig meat volumes sold have an outdoor claim, but are there more opportunities?

11 September 2019

Make the most of trends, AHDB research and data to understand the modern shopper

10 September 2019

We look at some key indicators to gauge the UK’s economic performance, what this means for consumers and the outlook for the months ahead, especially given the backdrop of Brexit uncertainty.

30 August 2019

Two new recruits have joined the pork technical team

27 August 2019

What should I be doing to win new shoppers?

20 August 2019

Our course seeks to address a lack of leadership skills in farming and plug a productivity gap between the UK and other nations.

16 August 2019

Haulier questionnaire: We would like to get a feel for the standard of lorry washing facilities at markets and abattoirs across England.

13 August 2019

A third (33%) of teachers do not know where to go for information on food, farming and healthy eating practices, according to YouGov research commissioned by us.

22 July 2019

The food-to-go sector is the fastest growing part of the eating-out market, but what are the opportunities for food operators to capitalise on the trend?

18 July 2019

Millions more people across Great Britain are being exposed to positive messaging on meat as a result of a joint project from the levy bodies in England, Scotland and Wales, now entering its second year.

17 July 2019

Phil Bicknell shares his thoughts on UK competitiveness and tapping into global opportunities

12 July 2019

It’s taken 20 years, but on 28 June 2019, the EU and Mercosur (Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay) agreed a trade deal between the two blocs.

8 July 2019

Given that so many GB pig contracts reference the SPP, what causes it to move at all?

8 July 2019

Pig Health and Welfare Council launches biennial report at the Great Yorkshire Show

4 July 2019

A six-day mission, organised by ourselves and the Department for International Trade in Mexico, will be starting this weekend in a bid to help promote UK pork to the Mexican livestock industry.

2 July 2019

AHDB is soon to extend isotope testing on pork to include local butchers shops.

17 June 2019

The window for farmers and growers to apply for a heavily discounted training scheme, which can deliver significant savings to their business, close on Monday 24 June.

12 June 2019

Menus, which feature words like ‘recommended’ and ‘finest’ to describe dishes, will command a higher price, according to new research.

10 June 2019

Easter this year was a hot one, putting shoppers in a good mood for entertaining, but in a less traditional way.

10 June 2019

Capitalising on the many opportunities Asia presents for food and farming, is the focus of a new report launched today

10 June 2019

Mother’s Day was widely celebrated this year as 76% of us treated our mums, according to research by Kantar.

10 June 2019

Menus are growing as they cater for more dietary needs. Meat-free is increasing its share of dishes but protein still takes the lions share.

30 May 2019

Antibiotic use in pigs dropped to 110 mg/PCU in 2018. Edging closer to the 2020 industry target of 99 mg/PCU.

24 May 2019

Professional development for people working in the pig industry, be the first to take part in our new training programme.

23 May 2019

Farmers who have now completed our 2017 management training scheme identified combined savings to their businesses in excess of £600,000.

21 May 2019

How usage of home delivery differs by age and how best to tailor your offering

21 May 2019

Medics suggesting hospitals should stop serving sausages and bacon have misunderstood the IARC report

17 May 2019

We have partnered with rural consultancy, ADAS, to run free business planning workshops for farmers and growers.

14 May 2019

Almost £12 million of additional pork sales have been gained following the latest phases of our Midweek Meals campaign, with the help of a giant chicken.

10 May 2019

First estimate for 2018

10 May 2019

UK Total Factor Productivity (TFP*) decreased 2.1% between 2017 and 2018, due to decreased outputs and a smaller increase in inputs.

1 May 2019

But price is still a key barrier, highlighting the need to justify its price premium

30 April 2019

With rising food insecurity, an increasing amount of leftovers are hitting our stomachs, rather than hitting the bottom of the bin.

26 April 2019

Tough new Clean Air Strategy1 targets are spurring farmers and growers to develop more practices to cut ammonia emissions and reduce the industry’s environmental footprint, further.

24 April 2019

Below average rainfall is triggering UK farmers and growers to adopt water savvy techniques early in the year, to be prepared should another agricultural drought hit.

23 April 2019

Helping farms cope when water supplies are cut

17 April 2019

UK Ministers have agreed to extend Gwyn Jones’ second term of office on the Board of the Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board (AHDB).

17 April 2019

Making the food of love almost effortless could be the key to capturing shopper’s hearts on Valentine’s Day

12 April 2019

Horizon modelling highlights the need for farmers to be prepared for different Brexit outcomes

12 April 2019

Pork from Britain will be showcased at China’s most important meat trade exhibition next month – as the industry looks to build on record levels of exports in 2018.

8 April 2019

Pork, beef and lamb from Britain will be arriving in Canada this month for a premier food innovation event in a bid to grow the country’s red meat exports.

5 April 2019

Two new members have been appointed to the AHDB Pork sector board

2 April 2019

Twelve new Sector Board members have been appointed across five of the sectors at the Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board.

2 April 2019

In the April edition of Pork Talk, Bethan Wilkins, one of our analysts, discusses pig prices, retail activity and the outlook for exports.

27 March 2019

The latest data from the Real Welfare scheme shows that the vast majority of pig farms are either addressing welfare issues or already have them under control.

27 March 2019

Listen to a panel discussion about key issues and impacts of Brexit on the UK’s agricultural and horticultural sectors

27 March 2019

Under the tariff regime proposed for a no-deal Brexit, while EU pork becomes more expensive to the UK importers, other global suppliers become more price competitive.

21 March 2019

In the latest blog, Heather Freeguard, an intern in the Pork team, tells us what she's been working on recently.

18 March 2019

A practical approach to delivering clean water to your pigs

15 March 2019

Regardless of what happens with Brexit, unless the UK stays in, farmers in England will see direct payments removed by 2028. The situation for farmers in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales, (as of 11 March 2019) is unclear.

15 March 2019

Exporters have been flying the flag for meat and dairy products from Britain at an event in Singapore in a bid to grow our overseas trade to Southeast Asia.

15 March 2019

Over the last 25 years, the number of independent butchers in the UK has reduced by 60%. However, this has now steadied as consumers are increasingly willing to shop based on factors other than convenience and price.

13 March 2019

The government has announced the proposed tariff regime that would apply under a no-deal Brexit.

13 March 2019

Initial assessment of the implications of the Government's no deal tariffs on AHDB's key sectors

13 March 2019

The value of the eating-out market is in decline. Tailored offerings are key to appeal to consumer segments.

11 March 2019

Consultation on guidelines for schools closes on Friday

8 March 2019

Strategies are being put in place to minimise disruption

8 March 2019

The EU has a number of Tariff Rate Quotas for pig meat, which allow imports to enter at a reduced tariff rate.

7 March 2019

Abattoir assessments will begin in eleven different abattoirs this month

6 March 2019

Scratch cooking is on the rise. Brexit, higher inflation and increasing prices could be contributing to the trend.

6 March 2019

Increased demand for sausages and bacon, especially at breakfast, has helped to boost pig meat performance in the eating out market.

6 March 2019

Pork consumer marketing campaign and the role of the social media influencer.

5 March 2019

Bangers and bacon boosting eating out growth for pork

5 March 2019

Brexit decisions will be key to what happens with self-sufficiency but either way there are a number of challenges and things to consider

4 March 2019

What should pig producers consider when choosing acids to clean water systems.

4 March 2019

Foodex Japan offers real opportunities for meat exports

28 February 2019

In a drive to better equip the next generation of workers, AHDB has joined forces with industry to set standards for its Trailblazer Apprenticeships.

26 February 2019

Producers and users of school educational resources on food are being invited to have their say on a series of new voluntary guidelines.

25 February 2019

The food delivery market has seen double digit growth in the last year as new players enter the market and expand the offering

25 February 2019

In his latest blog, Phil Bicknell brings some much needed clarity to the Brexit debate

18 February 2019

Pork stunt shortlisted for award

15 February 2019

Our new animation explains how to clean your pigs’ water system and what you need to think about when choosing organic acids

14 February 2019

Meat and dairy from the UK will be in the spotlight this month at one of the world’s biggest annual food and beverage trade shows held in Dubai.

14 February 2019

More than 120 primary and secondary teachers were given food for thought at the first national conference to enhance teacher knowledge about farming, cooking and nutrition.

1 February 2019

Will you be able to comply with the new chlorate residue levels?

29 January 2019

Life is full of new beginnings and the New Year is usually a good time to reflect on the past and decide to make some changes.

25 January 2019

Nutrient Management Guide RB209 updated with new guidance

18 January 2019

Identify the early warning signs of tail biting using our poster and take early action to help prevent tail biting problems

17 January 2019

New nitrogen and phosphorus calculators to help businesses demonstrate compliance with new permitting rules.

16 January 2019

Find out about indicators that could help you test the health of your soil

16 January 2019

What can be learnt from New Zealand’s experience of subsidy-free farming

15 January 2019

In our latest blog, we discuss what can we learn from New Zealand's experience of subsidy-free farming

14 January 2019

The TV advert is back on our screens to persuade people to consider quick-to-cook, lean cuts of tender pork as an alternative to chicken.

4 January 2019

The first edition a new Scotland-focused AHDB newsletter was recently published, featuring articles on key Scottish projects.

3 January 2019

Valuable insight into how the UK can grow its meat and dairy exports in key markets has been revealed in three new reports – launched this week at the Oxford Farming Conference.

21 December 2018

About 80 postgraduates convened in Solihull last month for the third AHDB PhD studentship conference.

17 December 2018

The AHDB GREATsoils programme has been signposted as a vital resource and tool for growers as part of two new soil qualifications from BASIS

12 December 2018

Antibiotic usage has never been a more important topic than it is today, which makes the findings of an AHDB Pork-sponsored Nuffield Farming Scholarship of great interest and importance to the agricultural sector.

11 December 2018

Food waste costs each household an average of £540 a year. Find out how the industry is responding.

7 December 2018

Celebrations are one of the most valuable types of meal, with shoppers willing to spend more for events

3 December 2018

Pig producers are invited to enter their innovative ideas and examples of on-farm best practice into the EU PiG Grand Prix.

30 November 2018

A high-profile new campaign aimed at inspiring people about the role of lean red meat in a healthy diet has been launched today by Great Britain’s three red meat organisations.

30 November 2018

AHDB's latest edition of Horizon cuts through the uncertain policy environment to provide insight into what lies ahead for agricultural commodities markets.

29 November 2018

With Christmas round the corner, AHDB has released a new podcast looking at what consumers will be looking out for in the shops this year and what farmers are doing to prepare for the change to come in the New Year.

29 November 2018

The costs of pig meat production in 17 countries during 2017 are examined in a new report from AHDB Pork

28 November 2018

The Food Standards Agency (FSA) has sent a letter asking for producers currently (or thinking about) exporting products of animal origin (POAO) to the EU to get in contact with them by 12 December.

28 November 2018

Inform government’s review of the shortage occupation list

27 November 2018

During our latest Pick Pork campaign, sales of promoted cuts increased 16.5 per cent and almost £3.2 million compared to the previous period.

22 November 2018

We examine the factors which could affect how agricultural funding could be split between the Home Nations in the future.

21 November 2018

A summary of the key aspects of evolving farm policy across the nations of the UK.

19 November 2018

Half of shoppers are flexible about what meat they buy, giving retailers a chance to influence their choices, according to research commissioned by AHDB.

16 November 2018

Our old favourites burgers and bangers were the winners of this year’s barbecue season.

16 November 2018

The 2019 European Pig Innovation Group (EU PiG) Grand Prix is open for entries until 28 February 2019. All pig producers are invited to enter their innovative ideas and examples of on-farm best practice in this annual EU-wide contest, with up to 300 producers competing to become an EU PiG Ambassador.

16 November 2018

Hottest summer on record?

7 November 2018

CEVAS is a nationally recognised accreditation and is suitable for a wide range of people, including farmers, farm staff, care farmers, volunteers, advisers, carers and teachers. It helps you create a farm profile, find out about the health and safety regulations, as well as evaluate the success of your events.

6 November 2018

Keeping things simple and focused will help keep the British pig industry fit for the future says the winner of this year’s David Black Award.

30 October 2018

AHDB has engaged BMG Research to conduct an in-depth survey of pig buildings.

29 October 2018

The extreme weather of 2018 has made its mark on pork, beef and lamb production, according to AHDB’s latest Red Meat Outlooks.

23 October 2018

Pig producers are invited to attend one of four roadshows looking at practical solutions to manage antibiotic use and maintain good animal health and welfare.

15 October 2018

To develop the next generation of skilled farmers and growers, AHDB, NFU and industry employers have joined forces to set standards for three new apprenticeship schemes.

19 September 2018

An industry coalition has united to kick-start a new skills strategy with the ambition to equip the agricultural workforce for the future of farming and invites new partners to join the group.

13 September 2018

AHDB has opened applications for its Professional Manager Development Scheme (PMDS) course, which will start in January 2019. The course is designed to increase the skills of farmers who manage people, enabling them to apply business intelligence from other sectors, improve communication and understanding, to raise the level of professionalism in the agricultural industry.

12 September 2018

The latest £2.5 million phase of the AHDB ‘Pick Pork’ advertising campaign will hit TV screens from Monday (17 September).

10 September 2018

Growing the meat, fish and poultry category

30 August 2018

Cross-sector export and trade conference with Secretary of State for International Trade, Liam Fox MP discussing future government policy on trade

22 August 2018

Eight pig producers from across Europe have won international awards for their innovation in pig production.

21 August 2018

This article looks at how the UK retail landscape has changed over the years to meet changing consumer needs.

17 August 2018

Opportunities for exporting pork to Mexico will be explored when the Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board (AHDB) arrives in the country next month.

15 August 2018

Two in five people are intending to increase the number of meals they cook from scratch. What's holding them back?

6 August 2018

In this article you will find a summary of red meat innovations seen across the world

3 August 2018

AHDB and BBRO have issued a joint call for a review of weed management in UK cropping systems

1 August 2018

Vegans make up just two per cent of the UK population – but the appetite for meat and dairy alternatives is growing as more and more people look for a wider variety of meals

23 July 2018

Agricultural organisations from England, Scotland and Wales are uniting in a new initiative which will see them work together to communicate the benefits of red meat in a balanced diet as part of a reinforced meat and health programme

20 July 2018

Exports of red meat products from the UK got off to a strong start this year – with the total value of beef, lamb and pork rising above the £487 million mark

9 July 2018

A new online calculator has been launched this week which will allow farmers and growers to see for the first time how they may be affected by potential Brexit scenarios.

25 June 2018

Trade and investment officers from the Department for International Trade (DIT) export visit

20 June 2018

Is free-from here to stay?

19 June 2018

The organic market in the UK has been building momentum since 2015 and hit the £1 billion spend mark in the last 52 weeks.

18 June 2018

In the following slides you will find an overview of young consumer attitudes toward meat. The information is based on qualitative research conducted for AHDB in 2018.

15 June 2018

AHDB Senior Veterinary Manager Mandy Nevel and AHDB International Market Development Director Dr Phil Hadley (front centre) host food safety specialists from the Ukraine at AHDB's headquarters

13 June 2018

A summary of key trends seen across food service menus Spring/Summer 2018

12 June 2018

Creating a best practice guide to sharing farm data is the focus of a new consultation launched by the Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board (AHDB)

11 June 2018

British adults are as worried about plastic waste as Brexit

8 June 2018

Britain is the winner when it comes to meal choices at restaurants and pubs in the UK – but it risks scoring an own goal if the foodservice industry doesn’t shake-up its offerings

6 June 2018

The former Deputy Principal and Chief Executive of Scotland’s Rural College (SRUC) has been appointed as an independent member of the Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board (AHDB) main board

4 June 2018

Almost half a million more shoppers bought fresh pork during the two phases of AHDB Pork’s £3 million midweek meals campaign*.

2 June 2018

Learn how Farm Excellence is benefiting David Goodier's 230-sow pig farm

30 May 2018

Return of last years lost shoppers

21 May 2018

UK farmers and growers will have access to more than 50 farmer-to-farmer learning events this summer

18 May 2018

Shoppers in the UK say they want to buy British food, but not at any cost - with research showing even a small rise in price could see a switch to buying imported alternatives

18 May 2018

Shoppers in the UK say they want to buy British food, but not at any cost - with research showing even a small rise in price could see a switch to buying imported alternatives

18 May 2018

The Asia-Pacific region continues to offer opportunities for the UK pork sector – but industry must continue to work hard to ensure UK products are at the top of the list for importers

4 May 2018

Disruptive technologies have transformed the way we do business, the way we travel and how we access information and services

2 May 2018

We take a look at changing attitudes towards eating and what that means for the future

30 April 2018

The over-65 age range increased their visits to pubs and restaurants last year

8 April 2018

From 2 April 2018 all farmers in England will need to meet new government rules to protect water quality.

27 March 2018

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26 March 2018

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23 March 2018

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22 March 2018

Will we see a return to tradition this Easter?

14 March 2018

In an age of the time-poor consumer, fuelled by ready meals and hyper-convenience, there is still a strong urge for many to try cooking from scratch.

2 March 2018

Christmas 2017 sets revenue record for grocery sector

8 February 2018

Should the meat industry be concerned about flexitarians?

13 December 2017

What areas of the world do popular cuisines originate?

30 November 2017

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20 November 2017

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8 September 2017

A look at the impact meat-free has had on meat consumption.

7 July 2017

The food-to-go industry is evolving and extending its scope. New ways of reaching consumers have been found and specific consumer needs are increasingly being met.

20 June 2017

Sentiment for British food is high, but could Brexit impact shoppers' choices?

26 May 2017

Times are good for sales in the organic sector. A report published by the Soil Association reveals organics in their fifth year of growth and although share of total grocery sales is small, the sector is worth over £2 billion. What are the market conditions driving this growth?

14 July 2016

Is free-from here to stay?

12 July 2016

What's behind the growth in the organic market?