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6 July 2020

Looking at challenges UK agriculture is facing and how the industry may respond in the coming months and years

3 July 2020

During the first 12 weeks of lockdown, British shoppers spent an extra £45m at butchers’ shops than in the same period last year.

2 July 2020

Talking about the current market conditions, trading opportunities and how exporters in the UK can export red meat successfully

2 July 2020

The UK wheat crop is expected to be smaller year-on-year, with UK crop conditions now varying across regions.

1 July 2020

The EU-spec SPP continued its upwards trajectory in the week ending 27 June.

1 July 2020

The second year of a campaign by the British levy bodies has succeeded in reaching 17 million people, helping to bring a more balanced perspective to public discussion around the health properties of red meat.

1 July 2020

Coronavirus is shaping new consumer behaviour

30 June 2020

This article focuses on the main factors that will influence the red meat sector in the coming years, particularly in light of the two major events of 2020, the coronavirus outbreak, and the upcoming deadline for Brexit.

30 June 2020

Three scenarios for when restrictions are lifted

26 June 2020

Our Meat Purchasing Guide (MPG) app has been updated

25 June 2020

A look at the latest GB feed conversion ratios and average daily liveweight gain figures from Agrosoft.

24 June 2020

In the week ending 20 June, the EU-spec SPP rose 0.29p on the week to 164.93p/kg.

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