27 January 2021

After a breather last week, and early this week, global grain markets have made further gains. In early trade today, Chicago maize prices (May-21) moved back up to a near contract high. The latest move has been sparked by fresh purchases as China were seen to buy 1.36Mt in the latest USDA flash sales report.

26 January 2021

Current weather in Europe can drive the continental market, which will drive our domestic price. If growing conditions fare well over spring, the UK will likely need to export wheat next season

25 January 2021

The outlook for old crop wheat has softened but remains supported by the tight supplies of old crop maize. The potential for the European crop to recover is weighing on the new crop outlook.

22 January 2021

Global grain prices have seen some substantial recent gains. Global maize supply and demand is one of the key drivers holding UK wheat prices high.

21 January 2021

Our domestic market trades at import parity this season, so your ex-farm values is sensitive to global fundamentals.

20 January 2021

The feed barley discount to feed wheat has been gradually increasing throughout the season, as wheat prices have rallied.

19 January 2021

Wheat futures prices jumped up again yesterday after the confirmation of higher Russian export taxes on Friday. But, could export curbs be implemented by more counties?

18 January 2021

The rally in global grain markets was buoyed last week by the release of several key data reports.

15 January 2021

There has been a surge in support for agricultural commodities. Chicago wheat, soyabeans and maize futures contracts have gained exponentially since the start of June 2020.

14 January 2021

This week, grain markets have seen a plethora of information that has fed the bullish sentiment for the moment. Whilst news has been mostly maize centred, this has still had an effect on UK wheat futures.

13 January 2021

Yesterday evening the latest USDA supply and demand estimates (WASDE) for the 2020/21 season were released. A lot of our focus in recent weeks has been on South America, where dry weather has hampered crop development. Despite the drier weather, forecasts of Brazilian and Argentinian maize production are at relatively high levels.

12 January 2021

Tonight the USDA release three reports that have historically influenced prices. These are the monthly world supply and demand estimates, US stocks as at 1 December and the area of winter wheat planted for harvest 2021.

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