30 September 2020

The latest US crop progress report for the week ending 27 September has shown good harvest progression for maize.

29 September 2020

UK delivered rapeseed prices fell sharply last week (Friday-Friday) following declines in Chicago soyabean futures as the US harvest advanced. Is there more price pressure to come?

28 September 2020

Last week, Paris wheat prices (Dec-20) remained strong, closing at €192.25/t on Friday, a slight discount on the previous Friday at €194.50/t.

25 September 2020

Harvesting in England is drawing to a close and in Scotland there is about 10% of the wheat and spring barley area left to harvest.

24 September 2020

The final balance sheets for the 2019/20 season were published today, which include a ‘residual’ for wheat, barley, maize and oats. While a certain amount of imbalance is to be expected, the 2019/20 final balance sheets shows a substantial residual for all cereals, driven largely by wheat.

23 September 2020

The maize harvest in Ukraine is underway, though question marks for achievable production figures have developed in recent weeks. Below average soil moisture levels have been a common occurrence this season not just for Ukraine but for the Black Sea region as a whole.

22 September 2020

The London Nov-20 wheat futures contract has rallied in recent weeks to levels not seen since October 2018.

21 September 2020

Global wheat prices have remained strong over the last week, with both Chicago and Paris wheat futures making strong gains towards the end of the trading week

18 September 2020

Drier than usual weather across South America has become an increasing focus point for global grain markets of late.

17 September 2020

In last Friday's USDA report the forecasts for Russian wheat production, Ukrainian maize production and Chinese maize imports all remained unchanged, despite some industry expectation for revisions.

16 September 2020

The path of currency has been pivotal to the value of domestic agricultural prices in recent weeks. The 4.4% devaluation in the value of sterling against the dollar between 1 Sep and 11 Sep, pushed UK feed wheat futures (nearby) up £7.65/t.

15 September 2020

Yesterday, Statistics Canada released their revised crop production estimates. The release estimated total wheat production at 34.1Mt an increase of 5.6% year-on-year, but 1.6Mt down on last month’s estimate.

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