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28 September 2020

Consumers are using many tactics in store and at home to save money.

28 September 2020

During lockdown we saw an increase in the number of shoppers using milkmen.

16 September 2020

Estimated out-of-home volumes are yet to return to growth for most sectors

26 August 2020

Volume promos will be banned for products high in fat, salt or sugar

26 August 2020

It’s slightly surprising, and against logical thought, that the price of wheat does not translate directly and proportionately to the price of bread

10 August 2020

Sales at meat counters fell 57% in lockdown but have started to recover

7 August 2020

After initial declines at the start of lockdown the takeaway market has returned to its pre-COVID high

29 July 2020

For some ‘Super Saturday’ was the day they had been waiting for, the appeal of beer on tap and restaurant food enticing them back out-of-home, but for some it will take more time to feel confident venturing out.

27 July 2020

Steak is now taking a larger share of the market

20 July 2020

Lockdown has led to a surge in interest in consumers buying direct from suppliers, including food boxes and meal kits.

17 July 2020

We are eating more meals for health but health is losing share to enjoyment

6 July 2020

Looking at challenges UK agriculture is facing and how the industry may respond in the coming months and years

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