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More consumer insight

6 April 2020

Meat, dairy and potatoes saw a spike in retail demand

6 April 2020

There will be 503 million more in-home meals eaten per week in this lockdown period.

30 March 2020

How closures will affect meat, dairy and potatoes

24 March 2020

How retailers and consumers reacted to lockdown

20 March 2020

What we know so far in a rapidly changing picture

12 March 2020

Offal contributed just over £27m to GB grocery this past year

26 February 2020

Sales slow despite health perceptions

10 February 2020

Technology is expanding consumer choice in the food delivery market.

4 February 2020

Belt-tightening behaviours meant Christmas 2019 saw the slowest rate of growth over the festive period in four years.

3 February 2020

Food costs an average of £41.70 per person per week

30 January 2020

Spend on frozen food overall is steady, but frozen red meat is being left in the cold.

13 January 2020

In store purchase drivers differ across dairy categories, therefore what are the opportunities for the dairy sectors?

13 January 2020

The way consumers view health is changing and one size does not fit all.

7 January 2020

More people are embracing low alcohol lifestyles

18 December 2019

In the last year mince has seen spend and volume increases but steaks and roasting were in steady decline

12 December 2019

Snacking is back and health is driving fewer meal choices

12 December 2019

Red meat saw seasonal uplifts at Halloween but can we push the category further?

25 November 2019

Total beef volumes have declined by 1.4% in the last year. This is not across all categories, however, with mince seeing spend and volume increases but steaks and roasting seeing steady declines.

22 November 2019

Sales have gone into decline as health concerns begin to bite

13 November 2019

Unsettled weather hampered grocery growth this summer

14 October 2019

Flexitarians are on the rise but has veganism been over-stated? How has market saturation affected meat and dairy sales?

7 October 2019

Chilled potatoes have gone into decline for the first time in 5 years

16 September 2019

Blue Planet 2 brought plastic pollution to the forefront of the British environment debate. New research by AHDB has shown plastic usage in packaging is a concern for 86% of consumers.

12 September 2019

12% of pig meat volumes sold have an outdoor claim, but are there more opportunities?

11 September 2019

Make the most of trends, AHDB research and data to understand the modern shopper

10 September 2019

We look at some key indicators to gauge the UK’s economic performance, what this means for consumers and the outlook for the months ahead, especially given the backdrop of Brexit uncertainty.

28 August 2019

Crisps are the UK's favourite savoury snack and worth £950 million a year. Ready salted is the most popular flavour but new products are stealing some share.

27 August 2019

What should I be doing to win new shoppers?

22 August 2019

Plant-based beverages account for just 4.4% of the total liquid milk market.

25 July 2019

Dessert parlours are creating new opportunities for dairy products

22 July 2019

The food-to-go sector is the fastest growing part of the eating-out market, but what are the opportunities for food operators to capitalise on the trend?

12 June 2019

Menus, which feature words like ‘recommended’ and ‘finest’ to describe dishes, will command a higher price, according to new research.

10 June 2019

Easter this year was a hot one, putting shoppers in a good mood for entertaining, but in a less traditional way.

10 June 2019

Mother’s Day was widely celebrated this year as 76% of us treated our mums, according to research by Kantar.

10 June 2019

Menus are growing as they cater for more dietary needs. Meat-free is increasing its share of dishes but protein still takes the lions share.

5 June 2019

We spend £1.6bn a year on home baking in the UK, but it’s a category in decline. The potential market for pre-packed flour and butter is large...

4 June 2019

Dairy is performing strongly in foodservice, despite a difficult market

21 May 2019

How usage of home delivery differs by age and how best to tailor your offering

9 May 2019

The dairy sector, and liquid milk specifically, is often seen as a category under attack. From plant-based alternatives to changing habits, what are the drivers of change and what are the best strategies to retain consumers in the category?

1 May 2019

But price is still a key barrier, highlighting the need to justify its price premium

30 April 2019

With rising food insecurity, an increasing amount of leftovers are hitting our stomachs, rather than hitting the bottom of the bin.

9 April 2019

Valentine’s Day is a great excuse to treat ourselves and our loved ones, particularly with food.

18 March 2019

Oat products have seen increased new product development in the UK over the last 4 years. This is good news for oat farmers who could benefit from increased demand.

15 March 2019

Over the last 25 years, the number of independent butchers in the UK has reduced by 60%. However, this has now steadied as consumers are increasingly willing to shop based on factors other than convenience and price.

13 March 2019

Data suggests consumers are less sensitive to butter prices as prices increase

13 March 2019

The value of the eating-out market is in decline. Tailored offerings are key to appeal to consumer segments.

8 March 2019

Strategies are being put in place to minimise disruption

6 March 2019

Scratch cooking is on the rise. Brexit, higher inflation and increasing prices could be contributing to the trend.

6 March 2019

Increased demand for sausages and bacon, especially at breakfast, has helped to boost pig meat performance in the eating out market.

25 February 2019

The food delivery market has seen double digit growth in the last year as new players enter the market and expand the offering

22 February 2019

This year was particularly strong for smaller roasting joint sizes, party food and fresh cream

7 February 2019

Britain’s love for Cheddar still continues to dominate the cheese market, but continental cheese is getting a boost and consumers don’t need to go far to satisfy their taste for the exotic.

28 January 2019

How big is the sweet potato market and how is it performing? What are consumers’ nutritional perceptions? How does this compare with standard potatoes?

11 December 2018

What's all the fizz about fermented? We take a deep dive into this trend and the latest innovations within the dairy category.

11 December 2018

Food waste costs each household an average of £540 a year. Find out how the industry is responding.

7 December 2018

Celebrations are one of the most valuable types of meal, with shoppers willing to spend more for events

29 November 2018

With Christmas round the corner, AHDB has released a new podcast looking at what consumers will be looking out for in the shops this year and what farmers are doing to prepare for the change to come in the New Year.

23 November 2018

34% of eating-out occasions involve potatoes, so how is this changing over time?

16 November 2018

Hottest summer on record?

15 November 2018

Build a portfolio that meets different target needs

11 October 2018

In this article you will find a summary of dairy innovations seen across the world

18 September 2018

With the amount of lamb purchased by British shoppers in decline, how can the industry adapt to get it back on British menus?

10 September 2018

Growing the meat, fish and poultry category

7 September 2018

Are young people really drinking less? And what really is craft beer?

6 September 2018

Keeping dairy relevant

6 September 2018

Too good to be true? Consumers want to have their ice cream and eat it.

21 August 2018

This article looks at how the UK retail landscape has changed over the years to meet changing consumer needs.

15 August 2018

Two in five people are intending to increase the number of meals they cook from scratch. What's holding them back?

6 August 2018

In this article you will find a summary of potato innovations seen across the world

6 August 2018

In this article you will find a summary of red meat innovations seen across the world

1 August 2018

Vegans make up just two per cent of the UK population – but the appetite for meat and dairy alternatives is growing as more and more people look for a wider variety of meals

19 June 2018

Dairy is a category that is rarely eaten on its own. This report looks at how consumer tastes for different host foods are evolving and where the biggest future opportunities for dairy products might lie.

19 June 2018

The organic market in the UK has been building momentum since 2015 and hit the £1 billion spend mark in the last 52 weeks.

18 June 2018

In the following slides you will find an overview of young consumer attitudes toward meat. The information is based on qualitative research conducted for AHDB in 2018.

14 June 2018

Millennials love cheese, how do they like to eat it and what opportunities exist to build on this?

13 June 2018

A summary of key trends seen across food service menus Spring/Summer 2018

11 June 2018

An overview of consumer perception of potatoes and key figures for the potato retail market

11 June 2018

British adults are as worried about plastic waste as Brexit

30 May 2018

Return of last years lost shoppers

10 May 2018

We learn about trends in breakfast consumption

9 May 2018

The major multiples are moving away from multibuy and Y for £X promotions as they look to simplify their offering and focus more on an everyday low pricing strategy in order to compete with the Hard Discounters.

2 May 2018

We take a look at changing attitudes towards eating and what that means for the future

30 April 2018

The over-65 age range increased their visits to pubs and restaurants last year

27 March 2018

A look at market trends and consumer shopping patterns within the sliced cooked meat market

26 March 2018

Shoppers are concerned about the price of food - how could this affect consumer behaviour?

23 March 2018

A snapshot of online and convenience channels and their market share

22 March 2018

Last year we saw traditional cuts underperforming, can they turn things around this Easter?

22 March 2018

Will we see a return to tradition this Easter?

20 March 2018

Could crisps lose out to healthier alternatives?

15 March 2018

How can the bread category evolve to combat changing consumer attitudes?

14 March 2018

In an age of the time-poor consumer, fuelled by ready meals and hyper-convenience, there is still a strong urge for many to try cooking from scratch.

13 March 2018

How are consumers’ perceptions of fat and health changing?

2 March 2018

Christmas 2017 sets revenue record for grocery sector

26 February 2018

Can we build on lamb's festive sales boost?

23 February 2018

The use of plastic in food packaging, why it's useful and how it may change

8 February 2018

Should the meat industry be concerned about flexitarians?

13 December 2017

What areas of the world do popular cuisines originate?

2 December 2017

Greater focus on the health benefits of beef, lamb and dairy could drive consumers to buy more, according to research conducted by AHDB.

30 November 2017

What's driving inflation, and how might the food supply chain be affected?

20 November 2017

With work and leisure commitments increasingly impacting on the amount of time we have to prepare and consume meals, what we are eating, and the reasons behind our choices make for interesting reading.

8 September 2017

A look at the impact meat-free has had on meat consumption.

7 July 2017

The food-to-go industry is evolving and extending its scope. New ways of reaching consumers have been found and specific consumer needs are increasingly being met.

7 July 2017

This article provides a brief update on consumer trends and how they impact the potatoes industry and is based on some of the content covered by the Market Intelligence potatoes area estimate webinar.

20 June 2017

Sentiment for British food is high, but could Brexit impact shoppers' choices?

26 May 2017

Times are good for sales in the organic sector. A report published by the Soil Association reveals organics in their fifth year of growth and although share of total grocery sales is small, the sector is worth over £2 billion. What are the market conditions driving this growth?

5 May 2017

Could the rapid growth of dairy alternatives impact the dairy market?

14 July 2016

Is free-from here to stay?

12 July 2016

What's behind the growth in the organic market?