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18 May 2021

We outline why the year-on-year change in retail volumes of beef, lamb and pork have started to slow

10 May 2021

Online food and drink rose by 77% in the 12 w/e 21 Feb 2021, but is set to slow as lockdowns ease

10 May 2021

Cow’s milk remains a staple product, purchased by 98% of British households. With the Covid-19 pandemic, and resulting governmental restrictions generating an uplift in retail sales to a previously consistent market.

10 May 2021

Fresh cream was the fastest growing dairy category in the year ending 24 Jan 2021. Enjoying year-on-year growth of 24% in terms of both retail volume and retail spend, as consumers scratch cooked and baked more

7 May 2021

Uncover the life of a Food Communication Expert, who shares how integral the role is when selecting, preparing and creatively designing food recipes for AHDB’s multimillion pound marketing campaigns.

30 April 2021

According to Kantar data, takeaways* were up 79% in the 12 weeks ending 21 Mar 21, when compared to the same period a year earlier.

20 April 2021

Covid-19 has been a challenge all round. However, it has also given the supply chain an opportunity to demonstrate where they are supporting consumers and to build trust.

30 March 2021

Heading towards the next stage of lockdown easing on 12th April, 27% of GB consumers plan to go out more often than they typically would pre-COVID

29 March 2021

Lamb has faced long term volumes challenges linked to pressure from evolving consumer needs and tastes alongside the higher price point of lamb.

26 March 2021

Consumers are rethinking their attitudes towards red meat and dairy produced in Britain as the result of AHDB’s ground-breaking We Eat Balanced campaign launched earlier this year

25 March 2021

The Covid-19 pandemic did not stop us celebrating Valentine's Day, with total Valentine's food and drink sales up £85m compared to 2020.

17 March 2021

Pre-packed potatoes share of volume reached 94.4% in the 12 w/e 21 Feb 2021 – the highest level it’s been at for around five years

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