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10 July 2020

Prices have remained largely stable on the week. New crop has started to enter most markets, particularly seen in the chipping sector.

3 July 2020

• Coronavirus continues to impede on demand across all sectors, with mixed reviews on what the effect the reopening of pubs and restaurants will have this weekend.

26 June 2020

Trade is quiet this week in the free-buy market across all sectors.

19 June 2020

Free-buy demand across all sectors is generally reported down week on week.

12 June 2020

Free buy demand across all sectors this week seems lacklustre, with all sectors reporting to have been very quiet in general. There is a belief among many that the successive weeks of good weather have curbed consumer demand for potatoes in general.

5 June 2020

Demand remains strong for good quality M Piper in the packing sector. But free-buy trade in other sectors seems to have lessened this week.

29 May 2020

Packing Maris Piper and Whites still hold firm for top quality material.

22 May 2020

With packing markets settling into their new normal FB trade across all sectors is now described as steady.

15 May 2020

Free-buy trade has reportedly levelled out for most of this week. There was an increase in demand for some packing varieties but in the other sectors, trade has remained steady.

7 May 2020

Packing markets continue at a steady pace with just small upticks reported for the time of year. Some increased movement in the bags market but the loss of the tourism trade is very much being felt.

1 May 2020

Free-buy trade this week has reportedly remained at similar levels to the previous week. Demand across retail sectors has been reportedly steady.

24 April 2020

The chipping market has picked up this week, although still at low volumes there is some movement.

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