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5 June 2020

Demand remains strong for good quality M Piper in the packing sector. But free-buy trade in other sectors seems to have lessened this week.

29 May 2020

Packing Maris Piper and Whites still hold firm for top quality material.

22 May 2020

With packing markets settling into their new normal FB trade across all sectors is now described as steady.

15 May 2020

Free-buy trade has reportedly levelled out for most of this week. There was an increase in demand for some packing varieties but in the other sectors, trade has remained steady.

7 May 2020

Packing markets continue at a steady pace with just small upticks reported for the time of year. Some increased movement in the bags market but the loss of the tourism trade is very much being felt.

1 May 2020

Free-buy trade this week has reportedly remained at similar levels to the previous week. Demand across retail sectors has been reportedly steady.

24 April 2020

The chipping market has picked up this week, although still at low volumes there is some movement.

17 April 2020

• The continued good weather has meant that growers have been able to continue planting with many regions in the South over half way complete. While processing and bag sectors may face an area contraction due to ongoing pressures, the packing sector may see more support.

9 April 2020

Trade is reportedly continuing in all sectors this week including chipping, but it is at very minimal levels in most sectors. English packing Piper is ranging from £200/t to £365/t this week.

3 April 2020

Retail demand has lessened slightly this week, with the requirement for free buy supplies minimal.

27 March 2020

Anecdotal reports suggest that retail demand has started to lessen this week following the nationwide “lockdown” since Monday night. This has been suggested to be due to a reduction in panic buying as supermarkets introduce limits on purchasing.

20 March 2020

Panic buying linked to the coronavirus has boosted retail demand for fresh potatoes and frozen products this week. Meanwhile, sales into foodservice have dried up as the public moves away from restaurants and public spaces.

13 March 2020

Demand across all sectors this week has been mixed. With the COVID-19 position developing at pace, market reactions are changing frequently.

6 March 2020

The potato trade this week continues to be reportedly quiet, with many repeat orders noted. Demand for top quality supplies also continues, though large supplies are difficult to source for the right price. Plenty of recently lifted supplies are seen on the market.

28 February 2020

Unfavourable weather conditions have added to the lacklustre demand for supplies this week.

21 February 2020

Reports of increased rots and breakdown in store suggest there is more movement out of store than some growers may have wished for at present, but this is generally not top quality material.

14 February 2020

Lacklustre trade across the sectors has continued this week, with mainly repeated orders and free-buy demand subdued.

7 February 2020

Better weather this week has allowed for lifting and fieldwork to continue where growers can get on the land. What has been lifted over the past few weeks is being moved quickly to avoid storage issues.

31 January 2020

Production by region is a mixed bag this season, when compared to last year. At 205.2Kt, the North East and North West has had the biggest drop in production compared to last year, down 36.1kt.

24 January 2020

There has been some lifting progress around the country this week. However, it has remained very slow and the material coming out of ground will be of questionable quality.

17 January 2020

This week, overall demand has quietened from the start of the year. Chipping markets in particular have seen ‘below-average’ demand

10 January 2020

Stronger demand over Christmas has increased prices going into the New Year.

20 December 2019

Heavy rain has continued this week causing more problems for those with potatoes still in the ground.

13 December 2019

There were still some reports of growers attempting to lift where possible. However, the majority with crop left are planning to attempt again in the spring.

6 December 2019

With clearer weather this week, there were reports of growers still trying to get crops out of the ground.

29 November 2019

Attempts at lifting continued for those with crop still in the ground. It remains exceedingly difficult. Crops recently lifted will need to be cleared rapidly due to quality issues.

22 November 2019

A drier few days has provided some respite from the rain for growers, however saturated soils continue to cause severe lifting issues across much of the country.

15 November 2019

Heavy rain continues to cause severe lifting issues across much of the country. Crops that are still in the ground are sitting in saturated soils.

8 November 2019

Lifting has been very slow this week, with minimal progress being made by many.

1 November 2019

Although progress is being made lifting, remains slow on heavier land.

25 October 2019

Lifting progress has been better this week, especially for those on lighter land. Although progress has been made, significant concerns remain for crops still underwater with more rain forecast.

18 October 2019

Lifting progress is varied, for those on lighter land lifting has resumed after a few days of dry weather.

11 October 2019

Lifting continued where the weather permitted, with many lifting on lighter soils throughout the week.

4 October 2019

Scattered heavy rainfall hampered lifting across the UK this week.

27 September 2019

Plans to lift into store have been delayed this week by heavy rainfall across GB. In some regions this has temporarily tightened supplies, with growers unable to get the crop out of the ground.

20 September 2019

Domestic demand remained steady with packers and processors focussing on contracted material leaving minimal room for free-buy trade.

13 September 2019

Domestic demand has remained subdued for free-buy material with main crop contracts now beginning.

6 September 2019

Domestic demand for free-buy supplies remains limited, with most movement taking place under contract.

30 August 2019

Domestic free-buy movement was reported as “limited” this week, with the majority of packhouses and processors using mostly contracted material.

23 August 2019

Favourable weather has dried waterlogged fields well. Combining however, has taken priority over potato lifting for many.

16 August 2019

Lifting has been hindered for some regions, due to the wet weather. The North West has been the worst hit with some fields now lying in water.

9 August 2019

For most, lifting continued at a decent pace. Quality remains good, though cases of blackleg continue to be reported.

2 August 2019

Lifting has continued at pace for many, rain only slowed lifting in limited areas.