16 October 2020

The onset of harsher Covid-19 restrictions and concerns over a second lockdown is reportedly depressing demand this week for both the bags and processing sectors.

9 October 2020

Heavy rainfall across most of the country last weekend halted lifting for most growers at the start of the week.

2 October 2020

Maris Piper is the variety in demand this week for the packing trade. Nationwide rainfall has provided relief to the driest area's where bruising was an issue at the start of lifting.

25 September 2020

New restrictions introduced within UK that came into force on Thursday have sparked anxiety that there could be a strangulation of demand within some sectors of the industry.

18 September 2020

• Contracted material has accounted for the vast majority of trade taking place over the last week. Free-buy markets remain lacklustre overall.

11 September 2020

This week has seen free-buy trade fall once again. Movement of supplies on contract continues to hold the majority in potato markets. Repeat orders, in some cases with lower volumes, form the common comments this week rather than fresh demand.

4 September 2020

The week has been described as relatively quiet across the board, with many supplies across all sector utilised mainly on contract.

28 August 2020

Bags prices have remained somewhat stable week-on-week although free-buy markets have remained slow with contracted material continuing to be utilised.

21 August 2020

Free-buy markets continue to see pressure on prices. Increasingly available supply for markets has met a widespread muted level of demand.

14 August 2020

Free-buy markets are still somewhat pressured this week.

7 August 2020

Once again trade across the week has been described as relatively subdued.

31 July 2020

Trade across all sectors this week remains very lacklustre, with pricing described as a “race to the bottom” by many within the trade.

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