29 September 2020

In the week ending 19 September, the average store price in England and Wales was £69.25/head.

25 September 2020

The English sheep flock was down by over 2% on year earlier levels at 15.0 million head.

24 September 2020

In the week ending 23 September, the GB Liveweight NSL SQQ averaged 208.04p/kg

17 September 2020

Import volumes had been suppressed for several years and 2020 was no different. However, the farmgate price difference between British and New Zealand lamb has widened to the widest level for this time of year since 2016. This could mean that more New Zealand product is attracted onto the UK market.

17 September 2020

In the week ending 16 September the GB liveweight NSL SQQ dropped 3p, to 208.78p/kg. Prices continue to trend at a high level for the time of year, being 44p above year earlier levels and up 43p on the five-year average.

11 September 2020

During August UK sheep meat production totalled 27,300 tonnes, down 6% (1,600 tonnes) year-on-year, according to Defra data. Much of the decline can be attributed to Eid-al-Adha falling in July this year rather than August as it did last year.

10 September 2020

In the week ending 9 September, the GB liveweight NSL SQQ was relatively stable, at 212p/kg

9 September 2020

Straw prices have continued to creep up, supported by lower yields of this seasons harvest tightening available supplies on the market.

7 September 2020

In the first six months of the year sheep meat production in the EU-27 contracted to around 210,300 tonnes.

3 September 2020

In the week ending 2 September, the GB liveweight NSL SQQ gained 10p to average 214.81p/kg.

3 September 2020

This year New Zealand production of sheep meat has increased year-on-year despite COVID-19 disruptions. Between January and July total production stood at 291,500 tonnes. The increase is largely driven by an uplift in mutton production.

27 August 2020

UK feed wheat prices are now beginning to recover after falling from £164.30/t at the start of the month.

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