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2 April 2020

In December AHDB released its forecasts for cattle and sheep production. Since then the market has changed dramatically with much of Europe now in ‘lockdown’ due to coronavirus. Sheep prices have come under pressure with a lack of demand both domestically and in Europe, and the cattle industry is struggling with carcase balance.

2 April 2020

Over the past four months deadweight cattle prices across Europe have largely been on the rise. However, in the most recent weeks prices have stabilised in euro terms.

1 April 2020

Average deadweight prime prices rose in the latest week, while cow prices fell.

1 April 2020

Brazilian beef exports have slowed this year, as it's main export regions tackle the coronavirus

1 April 2020

Coronavirus has not been positive for hide prices. The hide market had already been under pressure for some months, but further concerns about demand and the supply chain’s ability to keep running have pushed prices lower.

26 March 2020

The UK total cattle and calf population was down 1.6% year on year on 1 December 2019

26 March 2020

As a net exporter of beef, the Irish beef sector is sensitive to the overall level of demand, regardless of whether it is consumed in the home or out of it.

25 March 2020

The all-prime deadweight cattle price stood-on in the week ending 21 March.

24 March 2020

The impact of the coronavirus pandemic has dominated global markets over the past month, and it remains a fast changing situation.

24 March 2020

Using Defra and HMRC data, as well as AHDB’s own eating out review of 2019, it’s possible to approximate how supply and demand balance for each red meat in the UK.

24 March 2020

Yesterday liveweight lamb prices fell sharply. The daily GB OSL SQQ declined by almost 73p week-on-week, which is equivalent to around £30/head, to 188.64p/kg.

20 March 2020

Scottish cattle numbers fell in December 2019, while sheep numbers continued to rise

19 March 2020

We take an initial look at how the coronavirus pandemic is impacting dairy and livestock markets.

18 March 2020

Overall, prime deadweight cattle prices remained stable in the week ending 14 March.

18 March 2020

In January, UK beef exports increased by 20% on the year. Meanwhile, imports fell on the year.

16 March 2020

Irish census results show fewer cattle and more sheep on the ground in December year-on-year.

12 March 2020

UK beef production was 74,900 tonnes in February, according to data from Defra.

11 March 2020

In the week ending 7 March, the all prime cattle price rose slightly, up by 0.1p on the week to average 335.2p/kg.

11 March 2020

Defra has released its Farm Practices Survey, conducted in the autumn.

6 March 2020

It’s been a few months since we released our outlook for beef production in the UK. Let’s now have a look at the first couple of months to see how it’s faring.

4 March 2020

GB prime cattle prices were steady in the week ending 29 February.

4 March 2020

In the 12 weeks to 26 January, the latest Kantar data shows retail sales of beef and lamb fell in both volume and value terms, compared to a year earlier.

3 March 2020

New Zealand farmgate beef prices have come under pressure as Chinese import demand dropped off.

28 February 2020

The latest results from the early bird survey show that the UK intended planted area for wheat is down 17% on the year.

27 February 2020

Along with trends in total GB cattle numbers, data from the British Cattle Movement Service also shows numbers of individual breeds.

27 February 2020

As at 1 December, the total cattle population in England totalled 5.15 million head.

27 February 2020

The price of cull cows has been following its usual seasonal trend, rising as the demand for manufacturing beef increases in the early part of the year.

26 February 2020

Prime cattle prices picked up in the latest week

20 February 2020

In December, both UK exports and imports of beef recorded a year-on-year decline.

19 February 2020

GB cattle price were stable in the week ending 15 February 2020

19 February 2020

Average prime weights have continued to track above last year, despite a switch back to a more forage based diet.

18 February 2020

The GB cattle population as at 1 January 2020 fell compared to last year, according to the latest data from the British Cattle Movement Service.

14 February 2020

Economic activity in China was much reduced for the New Year holiday, and then beyond as the government tried to limit the spread of coronavirus.

13 February 2020

In January, UK beef and veal production reached 78.8k tonnes. Higher avg. carcase weights compensated for the decline in prime slaughter.

5 February 2020

In the week ended 1 February the GB all prime average remained steady at 331.9p/kg.

4 February 2020

Cattle throughputs across the EUROP grid in England and Wales and Scotland, 2019

31 January 2020

The deadweight cattle price has been pressured throughout 2019, but what effect has this had on stores

30 January 2020

A new report published by the Committee on Climate Change (CCC) suggested the increasing use of low-carbon farming practices, improving animal health, precision farming, planting more trees, restoring peatland, increasing the planted area of bioenergy crops and reducing food waste would help to achieve reductions in emissions.

29 January 2020

The USDA is forecasting 2020 beef production to be 12.514 million tonnes, higher than in 2019

29 January 2020

Movements on GB prime deadweight markets were relatively mixed in the week ending 25 January.

24 January 2020

Total beef exports (including offal) increased 13% in 2019 with the vast majority of the increase coming from a 53% increase in exports to China.

23 January 2020

Red meats have been struggling at retail in the past few weeks

23 January 2020

The global beef export price* during the first 11 months of 2019 is up on-the-year, to around $5,400/tonne.

17 January 2020

Beef production in 2019 rises 2%, led by higher carcase weights

17 January 2020

UK beef exports continued to perform well in November, while imports remain down on the year

15 January 2020

Prime cattle prices remained stable in the week ending 11 January 2020.

8 January 2020

Australia is currently facing extensive and severe wildfires. While most sheep are further inland than many of the fires, there are still significant numbers in the areas affected.

8 January 2020

During the week ending 4 January the GB all prime average fell almost 4p week-on-week to £3.31/kg. Declines were universal across the prime categories.

6 January 2020

New Zealand meat exports have increased sharply in value during 2019. Combined, the value of beef and sheep meat exports between Jan and Nov 2019 stood at NZ$6.7 million (£3.5 million).

6 January 2020

Despite China taking more meat from all over the world, it has not been enough to stop wholesale meat prices from rising.

3 January 2020

2019 has been a very challenging year for the beef sector. Here we look back on some of the key events in the beef industry over the last 12 months, and those that will remain relevant in 2020.

3 January 2020

GB prime deadweight cattle prices increased for both steers and heifers for the week ending 28 December, finishing at 334.9p/kg and 335.5p/kg respectively.

2 January 2020

During October, Irish beef production jumped up by 85% month-on-month to total 61,000 tonnes (177,000 head).

23 December 2019

The latest update from Kantar, covering the 12 weeks ending 1 December, continues to bring news of red meat performing badly. Processed meats in particular are struggling.

23 December 2019

No-one can have escaped the headlines about consumer behaviour and views on meat and plant-based foods. The European Commission has investigated the impact that switching between animal protein and plant protein might have on the prices and production of each.

19 December 2019

Much attention has been paid to UK exports so far this year, which have been increasing in volume, but at lower prices. But, what has been happening on the import side, and perhaps more importantly why?

19 December 2019

During October, UK exports of fresh and frozen beef continued on the trend of 2019, recording another year-on-year increase.

13 December 2019

UK beef and veal production stood at 82,800 tonnes in November, similar to year-earlier levels.

12 December 2019

For the year to date, the average weekly earnings for farm workers has continued a steady upward trend.

12 December 2019

The European Commission has published its latest outlook for the EU agriculture sector.

6 December 2019

Demand for beef, lamb and pork has been falling so far this year in key EU consuming countries.

21 November 2019

In the first nine months of 2019 EU imports of total beef has declined 5% on-the-year, to 179,100 tonnes.

15 November 2019

The GB cattle population as at 1 October 2019 fell compared to last year.

8 November 2019

During Q3 2019, GB cattle registrations totalled 608,800 head

31 October 2019

The use of dairy sexed semen has doubled in the last five years, according to our recent survey, with the last two years showing a marked increase

24 October 2019

China has upped its protein imports since an outbreak of African Swine Fever (ASF) last year, but what effect has this had on farmgate prices around the world?

18 October 2019

Global beef and veal production* is expected to reach 61.86 million tonnes CWE in 2020.

18 September 2019

Exports have increased so far this year, although they continue to account for less than a fifth of domestic production. Although export volumes are higher, export prices are lower.

5 June 2019

The GB milking herd has been reducing since 2015, but the move towards beef inseminations from 2015/16 exacerbated the situation.