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29 July 2020

For some ‘Super Saturday’ was the day they had been waiting for, the appeal of beer on tap and restaurant food enticing them back out-of-home, but for some it will take more time to feel confident venturing out.

20 July 2020

Lockdown has led to a surge in interest in consumers buying direct from suppliers, including food boxes and meal kits.

17 July 2020

We are eating more meals for health but health is losing share to enjoyment

6 July 2020

Looking at challenges UK agriculture is facing and how the industry may respond in the coming months and years

3 July 2020

In an ever increasingly competitive environment dairy products are having to constantly innovate to maintain their place on the supermarket shelf.

4 May 2020

Home baking and sunshine boost grocery but lamb suffers a subdued Easter

1 July 2020

Coronavirus is shaping new consumer behaviour

24 June 2020

The takeaway market declined by 41% in the month up to mid-April, but things are starting to improve

5 June 2020

Changes in shopping behaviour, the rise of in-home eating and the media focus on coronavirus have all influenced consumer behaviour

13 November 2019

Unsettled weather hampered grocery growth this summer

4 May 2020

Will lockdown reset shoppers' attitudes to food, asks MI Director Phil Bicknell

6 May 2020

Christine Watts, AHDB Chief Officer for Communications and Market Development, on how the industry has come together during the COVID-19 outbreak.

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