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1 April 2020

With such a great importance placed on imports of soyameal for the UK livestock supply chain, there is a need for greater focus on the global logistics and trade flows.

26 March 2020

GB milk production is expected to reach 12.52bn litres in 2020/21, according to our latest forecast. This will be level with where we expect the 2019/20 season to end.

12 March 2020

Last week the latest GB animal feed production and usage stats (including integrated poultry units) were released. This showed the total usage season-to-date (Jul-Jan) has dropped 1.5% compared to the same period in 2018/19.

12 March 2020

In the first budget since the 2019 general election, the agricultural sector retained red diesel subsidies, for another year at least, despite them being scrapped for most sectors.

3 March 2020

Standard litre and actual milk prices have diverged over recent months, but why?

27 February 2020

A look at why recent milk price changes have contrasted with the stability seen in Milk Market Value.

26 February 2020

Current proposals are for a tiered system targeted at different scales

20 February 2020

We look at how different rates of growth in milk production and processing has changed regional balances of milk

9 January 2020

As we enter a new decade we look at the key dynamics playing out in the dairy market and how they might influence the markets in the coming year

13 December 2019

The latest update to the AHDB forecast sets expected GB milk production for 2019/20 at 12.58bn litres.

25 September 2019

The latest GB milk production forecast puts expected volumes for 2019/20 at 12.58bn litres.

11 September 2019

Limited growth in milk supplies in the second half of the year points to relatively stable dairy markets at home and abroad.

4 September 2019

Silage stocks are sitting pretty this year, according to feedback at AHDB’s latest milk forecasting forum. After the difficulties of last year’s hot, dry summer, grass growing conditions have, in general, been significantly better in 2019.

16 May 2019

A look at the dairy markets and where they might go next

28 March 2019

Our survey of major milk buyers suggests there are currently around 8,850 dairy producers in GB.

21 March 2019

Following the UK Government’s no-deal import tariff announcement last week, we take a closer look at what the changes might mean for UK dairy trade.

12 March 2019

We look at how the cheddar industry has moved on over the last two years in preparation for Brexit.

9 January 2019

There are a number of conflicting dynamics playing out in the dairy markets at the moment.