30 June 2020

A contraction in world trade, uncertain UK trading conditions, domestic consumers changing how they consume dairy and ever-challenging weather extremes. In this article we take a long-term view of what could shape the UK dairy industry over the coming years, and how to best equip ourselves to take advantage.

25 June 2020

Our June forecast sets production expectations for the season at 12,437 million litres, down 0.7% on 2019/20.

17 June 2020

Recent market volatility has followed a couple of years of rising milk production costs – but herd accounts data reveals what gives farms the best chance of making a profit.

11 June 2020

The recently announced future import tariffs give most dairy products the equivalent of the current EU external import tariff

28 May 2020

A look at how the market value for milk is expected to move through the remainder of 2020

7 May 2020

The COVID-19 outbreak has introduced a great deal of challenges into the dairy market. Some farmers may cull less profitable, or ‘passenger’ cows to reduce costs and milk production. But what could an increase in culling rates look like, and what would be the impact on the beef supply chain?

28 April 2020

The loss of liquid and fresh demand has an immediate impact on milk processing capability in the country.

23 April 2020

The solids content of the milk is the real key factor for much of the dairy industry; we take a look at what that content could look like in 2020/21.

17 April 2020

Economic forecasts have been significantly revised

1 April 2020

With such a great importance placed on imports of soyameal for the UK livestock supply chain, there is a need for greater focus on the global logistics and trade flows.

26 March 2020

GB milk production is expected to reach 12.52bn litres in 2020/21, according to our latest forecast. This will be level with where we expect the 2019/20 season to end.

12 March 2020

Last week the latest GB animal feed production and usage stats (including integrated poultry units) were released. This showed the total usage season-to-date (Jul-Jan) has dropped 1.5% compared to the same period in 2018/19.

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