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1 April 2020

In light of the coronavirus outbreak reaching the UK in January 2020 there has been significant development, ultimately changing the way the potato industry has been functioning. At first, the changes were slow but once the government started enforcing stricter guidelines things quickly changed.

24 March 2020

Overall tonnage has remained relatively stable to the previous week. However, this means it is still 19% higher than the first week of March.

13 March 2020

The removal of CIPC next season has pushed the burden onto other tools in the box. However, how cost effective these treatments are at current market prices is a question on many people’s mind.

12 March 2020

In the first budget since the 2019 general election, the agricultural sector retained red diesel subsidies, for another year at least, despite them being scrapped for most sectors.

6 March 2020

Over the past month continued bad weather has meant that fieldwork has been delayed with growers unable to get out onto the land.

6 March 2020

Grower held potato stocks at the end of January 2020 are estimated at 2.13Mt. This is 15% more than last season and 3% more than the 5 year average (2014-2018).

26 February 2020

Current proposals are for a tiered system targeted at different scales

7 February 2020

As we enter February, lifting is still ongoing across GB as growers attempt to salvage crops still left in the ground. The potatoes that are coming out are often of questionable quality and quick movement is a priority given the risks of breakdown.

7 February 2020

GB grower held potato stocks at the end of November 2019 are estimated at 2.88Mt, down 4% from last season and 11% below the five-year average (2014-2018).

31 January 2020

The updated estimate of total potato production in Great Britain for the 2019 crop is 5.10Mt . This is an increase of 182Kt from last season, but 7% below the five-year average (2014-2018, 5.49Mt).

20 December 2019

The second 2019 provisional production estimate from AHDB places the crop at 5.19Mt, with a range of +/- 159Kt.

20 December 2019

This autumn has been the wettest across England since 2000 and the fifth wettest on record. What impact might this have on supply levels for the coming season?

13 December 2019

A strong quality premium has emerged, with buyers having to offer higher prices to incentivise movement of good dry supplies from store.

21 November 2019

Early figures suggest a production level of around 5.1 million tonnes.

8 November 2019

October has brought wide-spread rainfall causing problems for maincrop lifting for much of the country. Although there has been problems with off-field supply, demand has remained fairly steady for free-buy material.

8 November 2019

Earlier in the season we looked set for a decent sized crop to be met with lacklustre demand. However, the adverse weather conditions during lifting has meant that the outlook for this season has taken a U-turn.

18 October 2019

In the case of a no-deal, the UK would be unable to export fresh potatoes into the EU until the UK is granted third country equivalency.

11 October 2019

After the UK has left the EU, immediate impact will be the application of export tariffs on processed potato products.

4 October 2019

By WE01 October, the total maincrop area lifted is estimated at 23% of the total area surveyed

27 September 2019

As most of the UK’s seed exports are to non-EU destinations, long-term impacts would seem minimal but a no-deal scenario could have significant impact to individual businesses in the short term.

20 September 2019

The total 2019 planted GB area (revised estimate) is 118.95Kha. This updated estimate puts the area 1% higher than last year and represents the GB area covered by over 90% of producers.

20 September 2019

88% of total crisp exports are destined for EU markets

6 September 2019

The fresh chipping sector makes up c.12% of total potato production in Great Britain. The market follows season trends with demand driven by chip shop footfall throughout the year.

19 August 2019

Tariffs? Tariff rate quotas? Allocations? We increasingly hear these terms as we approach 31 October Brexit deadline.

16 August 2019

What might be the barriers to European trade (specifically exports) faced by the potato industry?

18 April 2019

GB grower held potato stocks at the end of March 2019 are estimated at 0.98Mt, a fall of 26% (353Kt) on last year and 13% (148kt) below the five season average (2013-2018).

8 March 2019

AHDB estimates GB potato stock levels, held by growers at the end of January, at 1.84Mt. This is higher than at the same point in 2012, but only slightly below 2016, another tighter supply season.

18 January 2019

GB grower held potato stocks at the end of November 2018 are estimated at 2.97Mt. This is the lowest during this point in the season since 2016/17 and 0.30Mt above stocks in the same period in 2012.

11 December 2018

The first provisional estimate of total potato production in Great Britain for the 2018 crop is 4,887Kt.

31 October 2018

The revised estimate for the total 2018 potato planted area in GB is 117.3Kha, down 4.4% from the 2017 area of 122.8Kha.

27 April 2018

GB grower held potato stock levels at the end of March are estimated at 1.3Mt. This is a similar level to the end of March 2015 and approximately 300Kt more than the end of March 2017 estimate.

16 March 2018

GB potato stock levels held by growers are estimated at 2.4Mt as at the end of January. This represents the largest end-January stocks figure since the stocks survey began in 2010.

6 February 2018

GB potato stock levels at the end of November are estimated at 3.6Mt, the highest level for this point in the season since 2010/11.

22 December 2017

Earlier this month, we released the first provisional estimate of total production in Great Britain for the 2017 crop, showing production up 15.2% [i] on the year at 6.04Mt, the highest level since 2011.

12 May 2017

GB grower held potato stock levels at the end of March are estimated at 1Mt, around the same volume as the end-March 2016 estimate and 300Kt less than the end-March 2015 estimate.

10 March 2017

GB potato stock levels at the end of January are estimated at 1.9Mt. This is similar to the same point in the season last year and around 350Kt less than at the end of January 2015.

13 January 2017

GB potato stock levels at the end of November are estimated at 2.9Mt, the lowest level for this point in the season since 2012/13.

26 November 2016

AHDB Potatoes' first provisional estimate of total production[i] in Great Britain for the 2016 crop year is 5.22 million tonnes[ii], down 5% from 2015.

19 August 2016

The total planted area for GB 2016, estimated at 116,000ha*, remains unchanged from the initial area estimate, up 4% on last season.