21 September 2020

Imports and exports of fresh potatoes in July 2020 were down year-on-year. For processed potato products the story was slightly different. An increased volume of processed potato products have moved out of the UK but less imported compared to previous Julys.

11 September 2020

From the end of March, through the beginning of the ‘new crop’ season back in July and for the near future, prices for chipping material have fallen to lower levels than in previous season openings. We examine the supply and demand side for chipping markets.

4 September 2020

Processing potatoes supply is still outweighing the reduced demand on the domestic market.

4 September 2020

Trade during August remained at relatively low levels throughout the month, similarly to July.

14 August 2020

The latest HMRC trade data covers up to June 2020 giving the full season of July-June 2019/20.

7 August 2020

July trade has picked up slightly after a particularly quiet June. The foodservice sector has re-opened in England and Scotland, but demand has remained subdued as consumer confidence takes time to rebuild.

17 July 2020

Latest data shows both imports and exports season-to-date (Jul-May) were down compared to both last year and the 3-year average.

3 July 2020

The AHDB’s first estimate for the total GB potato area for 2020/21 is 119Kha.

2 July 2020

June has been a relatively quiet month for potato markets. With lockdown measures easing, chipping markets have seen competition from other food service outlets re-opening.

5 June 2020

The release of the end-March stocks estimate did enable the UK domestic market to encapsulate the partial impact that the coronavirus is having on the potato industry.

4 June 2020

The month of May has been relatively static across the industry in general. The initial lockdown caused a divergence in demand between the retail and food service sector.

15 May 2020

In order to aid business decisions, AHDB has today published its potato balance sheet. This highlights supply and demand estimates for the 2018/19, 2019/20 and 2020/21 seasons. Evidently, in these ever-changing times, the outlook remains unclear, largely working from scenario B outlined later in this article. These supply and demand estimates will be updated on a regular basis when new data becomes available.

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