11 September 2020

Lower yields mean that costs per tonne will be higher for spring barley, winter wheat and oilseed rape (OSR) despite some lower input costs in the last 12 months.

10 September 2020

Winter milling wheat returns the top crop (of those looked at) on a gross margin basis, with feed wheat dropping one place to third. This would suggest that there is, unsurprisingly, a strong incentive to plant wheat for harvest 2021, and ups the likelihood of an increased area.

3 September 2020

We often talk about the relationship between rapeseed and soyabean prices in Grain Market Daily, because soyabeans represent almost 87% of the world’s export trade in oilseeds. This means soyabean supply, demand and prices impact rapeseed prices.

27 August 2020

It’ll be no surprise to anyone that we are currently experiencing unprecedented circumstances in terms of wheat production in the UK. It is highly anticipated, as I mentioned last week, that the UK wheat crop will be the smallest since 1982, and potentially lower than that.

20 August 2020

The second harvest progress report released last Friday provided an insight into potentially putting some figures the production of crops for 2020 harvest.

20 August 2020

Recent adverse weather and precipitation will slow the rapid pace of harvest that we’ve seen in the last few weeks.

13 August 2020

With England and Scotland wheat production likely to be sub-10.2Mt, and despite opening stocks around 3.4Mt, we are facing a pretty significant deficit. In theory, we could make up much of this shortfall with imported wheat or maize. This season, in the wake of coronavirus capping ethanol demand, maize is exceedingly cheap. As a result the hole in grain for animal feed, ethanol and distilling will more than likely be filled by imported maize. This increased demand for maize is exacerbated by the tariffs set to be applied to wheat imports from January, whilst maize can be imported tariff free.

30 July 2020

Domestic wheat prices will be more exposed to global fundamentals this season following the hefty decline to UK wheat production estimates. We are likely to sit closer to import parity levels.

16 July 2020

Last week we published the results of the 2020 AHDB planting and variety survey (PVS). Unsurprisingly, estimated wheat areas were down year-on-year across all regions of GB.

25 June 2020

What might affect the price direction of new-crop rapeseed? With harvest rapidly approaching, let’s revisit these factors and the impact they could have.

18 June 2020

As the UK enters the 2020/21 marketing year, when wheat supplies are expected to be tight, we are currently seeing less pressure on feed wheat prices for harvest delivery.

11 June 2020

UK feed wheat futures for Nov-21 delivery closed at £152.40/t, some £15.35/t below the Nov-20 contract, but similar to Nov-20 and Nov-19 prices this far ahead of planting.

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