25 June 2020

What might affect the price direction of new-crop rapeseed? With harvest rapidly approaching, let’s revisit these factors and the impact they could have.

18 June 2020

As the UK enters the 2020/21 marketing year, when wheat supplies are expected to be tight, we are currently seeing less pressure on feed wheat prices for harvest delivery.

11 June 2020

UK feed wheat futures for Nov-21 delivery closed at £152.40/t, some £15.35/t below the Nov-20 contract, but similar to Nov-20 and Nov-19 prices this far ahead of planting.

28 May 2020

During our barley week last week, we highlighted the increase in trade tensions between China and Australia, with the former potentially imposing a $74/t tariff on imports of Australian barley. This offers a high degree of price risk for domestic barley, particularly given the significant export volumes expected from the UK next year.

21 May 2020

The closure of the food service industry for almost two months now has reduced demand for meat and grain products. The impact of coronavirus on meat and dairy production will likely translate to a fall in demand for feed grains.

15 May 2020

Head of Arable Market Specialists, David Eudall, interviews Arnaud Petit, Executive Director of IGC

7 May 2020

Producing both a large barley crop of 8.1Mt and wheat crop of 16.2Mt for 2019, it was anticipated that the UK would have a large export campaign for the 2019/20 marketing year.

30 April 2020

In unprecedented circumstances, it becomes increasingly important to draw out the implication of coronavirus for the UK market. One of the biggest talking points from a domestic consumer perspective has been the lack of flour on supermarket shelves. It is all too easy to assume that demand for wheat from the human and industrial (H&I) sectors is on the rise.

30 April 2020

Ethanol demand shifts have been a major focus of global grain markets, the continued reduction in US ethanol output has resulted in a large decline to maize prices. What has been mentioned less is the impact on UK ethanol production.

23 April 2020

Feed barley markets have felt like they have tracked sideways. But is there pressure to come for the underlying feed market?

21 April 2020

In 2019/20 the UK produced its largest oat crop of the 21st century, at 1.08Mt, a record that could seemingly be broken this season. A torrid winter for many has seen expectations of spring plantings increase exponentially. For oats the February re-run of the early bird survey suggested that oat plantings in the UK could reach as much as 229Kha, the largest area planted to the crop since 1976.

17 April 2020

Economic forecasts have been significantly revised

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