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6 April 2020

Global wheat futures continued to fall last week before recovering slightly on Friday.

6 April 2020

There will be 503 million more in-home meals eaten per week in this lockdown period.

30 March 2020

Global prices continue to be supported by increased levels of demand, though moves in currency markets limited some gains. Wheat markets see sentiment driven support from a proposed Russian grain export limit and an anticipated small US spring wheat area.

23 March 2020

This week's Market Report focuses on the impact of coronavirus and the subsequent currency volatility on grain and oilseed markets.

16 March 2020

The global fundamental picture is well supplied, although dryness in the Black Sea region will be monitored closely. The domestic market continues to move at, or close to, import parity.

9 March 2020

Global wheat markets continued to fall last week as the potential impact of a global coronavirus pandemic has further weighed on consumption outlooks.

2 March 2020

US grain markets continued to fall last week with UK wheat futures following suit.

24 February 2020

Global wheat prices ended the week slightly up, with news of lower-than-anticipated Australian production figures. However, news of large wheat production figures across Black Sea regions look set to weigh on domestic markets in the longer term.

17 February 2020

In the short term the market is falling on stronger export competition, the longer term picture is still uncertain and dependent on weather in the Black Sea, US and EU.

10 February 2020

Weakness of both sterling and the euro against the dollar has provided recent support to UK and European wheat futures.

3 February 2020

Amid a global downturn in commodities, a surge in US export sales potentially offers longer term price support.

27 January 2020

As Black Sea wheat prices continue to gain, managed money funds have increased their long bullish positions in Chicago wheat, which having provided support, now increases a sell off risk.

20 January 2020

Domestically, the spread between old and new crop UK futures has narrowed as dry conditions have allowed drilling to resume.

13 January 2020

The planted area for US winter wheat is the smallest since 1910 at just 12,466Kha, providing additional support for global wheat markets.

6 January 2020

Although global wheat supply remains supported, adverse crop condition reports from the US and Black Sea have lifted markets.

30 December 2019

US wheat markets continue to find support from a US-China trade deal as hopes rise for increased purchases from China. This has supported most other wheat markets too.

23 December 2019

Global maize markets also bounced due to US- China trade deal announcements. Further support could come as the dry conditions in South America are forecast to continue.

16 December 2019

US maize futures (May-20) gained $2.17/t last week, to close on Friday at $152.76/t, the highest since mid-November.

9 December 2019

While concerns regarding new crop wheat planting have provided support to domestic markets, further gains will now require global markets to also rise.

2 December 2019

There are some global concerns regarding new-crop wheat supply but the 2019 harvest brought high production for the northern hemisphere.

25 November 2019

Despite short-term worries for some EU crops, global wheat supplies are ample for 2019/20 and area forecast to increase 1% globally in 2020/21.

18 November 2019

Although old-crop UK feed wheat futures (May-20) gained just £0.75/t on the week, to close Friday at £152.00/t physical prices rose more.

11 November 2019

Global markets were awaiting the USDA world agricultural supply and demand estimates (WASDE) report last week, released on Friday.

4 November 2019

Old-crop wheat markets drifted over the week for both US and UK. The downgrade of Australian production could be dropped further as harvest commences and yields are confirmed.

28 October 2019

Downward revisions to Argentina and Australia production in 2019/20 have led to a tightening of global supply and demand.

21 October 2019

Weather has continued to dominate global markets with wet and cold weather in the northern hemisphere and predominantly dry weather in the southern hemisphere.

14 October 2019

Further cuts to Australian wheat production, and increasingly poor outlooks for Southern Hemisphere production have been reducing the size of the forecast global surplus.

7 October 2019

While UK, European and Black Sea wheat supply is ample, outlooks for Southern Hemisphere production have been reducing the size of the forecast global surplus.

30 September 2019

UK and European wheat supply is plentiful which will likely keep prices pressured. However, rainfall affecting the US spring wheat harvest and dryness in Australia and Argentina could counter this.

23 September 2019

Delays to the spring wheat harvest in the US and Canada lent support to global wheat futures last week.

16 September 2019

Australian wheat production figures were cut 2MT to a 19.1MMT crop as drought conditions persist.

9 September 2019

UK wheat futures gained last week, against the pressure of a strengthening pound, gaining 0.6% against the euro and over 1% against the dollar.

2 September 2019

Global wheat prices have continued to fall in an increasingly well-supplied market.

26 August 2019

Global grain markets continue to have a bearish tone, in what remains a well-supplied outlook for 2019/20.

19 August 2019

The much awaited USDA WASDE and revisions to the maize planted area took markets by surprise.

12 August 2019

Global grain markets lacked clear direction last week in anticipation of today’s WASDE and much awaited update to the US planted area.

5 August 2019

US grain markets lost significant ground last week on the back of an improving weather outlook, significant strengthening of the US dollar and a worsening of the trade relationship between the US and China.

29 July 2019

Despite moving lower Friday-Friday, global grain markets were largely supported last week with cuts to global production grain supply and demand estimates.

22 July 2019

US benchmark grain futures (wheat and maize) fell last week, setting a bearish tone to markets. Managed money funds in Chicago wheat futures reduced their long positions, selling contracts.

15 July 2019

The US is forecast to be drier and hotter than normal leading to a more bullish, US centric, feel to markets in the short-term.

8 July 2019

Large global supplies and forecasts of good harvests are driving a marginally bearish feeling to the market at the moment. However, volatility from the maize market will drive daily movements.

1 July 2019

Chicago grain futures continued to fall week-on-week (21 June to 28 June). Maize dropped $8.66/t, on the back of the USDA acreage report released on Friday.