22 October 2021

On Wednesday, Nov-21 Paris rapeseed futures set a record high closing (in euro terms) at €698.25/t. The price has since dropped slightly, to close yesterday at €686.25/t.

20 October 2021

At 8.67Mt EU soft wheat exports to looked to have eased back in line with 2019/20, although still 36% ahead of 2020/21.

19 October 2021

The recent surge in rapeseed prices was driven by tight supplies of the oilseed and palm oil, plus a rise in crude oil prices. Will the forecast palm oil production recovery in 2022 pressure rapeseed prices?

15 October 2021

Defra released provisional data on the UK crop areas, yields and production yesterday, showing a year of contrasts.

13 October 2021

Stocks were revised lower for all nations except Ukraine and Canada. This tightness offers support to wheat markets.

8 October 2021

With the AHDB Grain Market Outlook taking place next Tuesday (12 October), one of our live in-person sessions will be discussing food security, which will be chaired by HSBC’s head of Agri-food Allan Wilkinson.

6 October 2021

For the past six months, EU rapeseed prices have continued to surge. Yesterday, the Nov-21 Paris rapeseed contract closed at €662.00/t (£563.25/t). The strength in EU markets continues to be reflected in the UK market, with prices for domestic rapeseed, delivered Erith (Nov), quoted at £549.50/t, on Friday. These elevated prices offer a good opportunity for growers who have faced challenging production economics in recent years.

5 October 2021

The US harvest continues at pace. Harvest progress has pressured markets recently.

1 October 2021

As the harvest now ends around the UK, we have our final harvest report to round up yields and quality.

30 September 2021

As harvest progresses in the US, the price of both maize and soyabeans have waned. As of 26 September, the US maize harvest was 18% complete, three percentage points ahead of the five-year average. The soyabean harvest was 16% complete as of Sunday, also three percentage points ahead of the average.

29 September 2021

Global grain & oilseeds prices were somewhat supported throughout 2020/21 due to a La Niña weather event that occurred in the South Pacific from October 2020 to March 2021.

29 September 2021

What are the fundamental reasons behind those high prices, and what will impact them over the coming months?

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