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20 November 2020

The first official GB production estimate is 5.3Mt.

13 November 2020

The English lockdown seems to have had a limited effect on the free-buy market. Maris Piper is at a premium to other whites in retail.

6 November 2020

Cautious buyers and lack lustre demand have resulted in little free-buy price movement from last week.

6 November 2020

Lockdown 2.0 will inevitably effect the potato industry, but the effect is unlikely to be as dramatic as the first lockdown.

6 November 2020

October has seen lift in overall tonnage traded, increasing 17% from September based on material moving through our weekly average price survey (WAPS) sample. Yet, the tonnage traded still lags 9% from the same period last year.

30 October 2020

Free buy traded volumes across all sectors are described as being quite average, with many orders fulfilled on contract.

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