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Potato market analysis

Keeping up to date with all of the latest market information is crucial for all in the potato industry. Potato Weekly will provide a regular update on prices and markets in your region and sector. Our Analyst Insight articles will delve deeper into the domestic and international markets to add clarity and insight to potato markets.

Potato Weekly

29 May 2020

Packing Maris Piper and Whites still hold firm for top quality material.

22 May 2020

With packing markets settling into their new normal FB trade across all sectors is now described as steady.

15 May 2020

Free-buy trade has reportedly levelled out for most of this week. There was an increase in demand for some packing varieties but in the other sectors, trade has remained steady.

7 May 2020

Packing markets continue at a steady pace with just small upticks reported for the time of year. Some increased movement in the bags market but the loss of the tourism trade is very much being felt.

1 May 2020

Free-buy trade this week has reportedly remained at similar levels to the previous week. Demand across retail sectors has been reportedly steady.

24 April 2020

The chipping market has picked up this week, although still at low volumes there is some movement.

Additional information

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Analyst Insight

4 June 2020

The month of May has been relatively static across the industry in general. The initial lockdown caused a divergence in demand between the retail and food service sector.

15 May 2020

In order to aid business decisions, AHDB has today published its potato balance sheet. This highlights supply and demand estimates for the 2018/19, 2019/20 and 2020/21 seasons. Evidently, in these ever-changing times, the outlook remains unclear, largely working from scenario B outlined later in this article. These supply and demand estimates will be updated on a regular basis when new data becomes available.

15 May 2020

AHDB analysts provide a view on the impact of coronavirus on current and future supply and demand of potatoes

7 May 2020

For processing markets, coronavirus has affected factory output and reduced demand both domestically, and on the continent.

7 May 2020

Towards the end of March trade of chipping material ceased almost completely. Although there has been some return in trading it is slow. So what does this mean for the rest of the season and maybe next?

1 May 2020

The closure of the UK food service industry has continued to weigh heavily on the potato industry and trade. However, we have seen small signs of recovery towards the latter part of April.