Children are the consumers of tomorrow. They are key to ensuring the long-term sustainability of the UK food and farming industry. Through our education work, AHDB is committed to increasing children’s understanding of where and how their food is grown, reared and produced.

Current education programmes

Food - a fact of life

The Food: a Fact of Life programme aims to promote knowledge and skills about where food comes from, as well as cooking and healthy eating, among young people.

Designed for teachers of three to 16-year-olds and run in partnership with the British Nutritional Foundation (BNF), the programme provides curriculum-relevant resources and teacher training, covering all sectors.

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Remote Learning

A remote learning section is available until Sept 2020 with lots of activities and ideas for those that are studying at home.  

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Grow Your Own Potatoes (GYOP)

Delivered in partnership with the industry, Grow Your Own Potatoes is a hands-on growing project.

Designed for primary school-aged children, it educates them about how potatoes grow and their role within a healthy balanced diet. 


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Get involved

Order FREE printed resources for events and activities to help engage the next generation of consumers and present the story about where their food comes from.  

Download our latest set of posters ‘Farming Food For You’ and classroom resources on the Food – a fact of life from our education digital resources list.

Recruit your local school to take part in Grow Your Own Potatoes.

Working with the industry

We actively work to avoid duplication by complementing, not competing with or replicating, existing initiatives.

Existing education providers we work alongside include: