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We believe children should have a clear understanding of how food is produced, and a positive impression of British farming. That’s why we’ve partnered with the British Nutrition Foundation to offer a compelling education programme, encompassing evidence-based resources and training for teachers across the UK.

Supporting primary and secondary school children studying at home

Are you looking for resources to support studying at home or know someone who is? Visit Food-a fact of life, our education programme run in partnership with the British Nutrition Foundation.

Here you will find a range of FREE editable resources and activities that are suitable for children aged 3 -16 years to complete at home and help continue their learning about where food comes from, healthy eating and cooking.

Safeguarding code of conduct

AHDB works closely with LEAF Education.  Together, we would like to remind people of the ongoing importance of safeguarding at this time. 

Please read LEAF Education’s statement released 25 March 2020:

Supporting parents and young people with food, farming and environment education while schools are closed is a real opportunity for the industry.  However, LEAF Education wants to remind everyone that this communication has to be handled sensitively and our Safeguarding Code of Conduct as set out for Farmer Time participants must be followed at all times.

Please read the code here and make sure you are adhering to this guidance designed to protect young people and you. 

LEAF Education cannot support any farmers having online conversations directly with young people via online platforms and social media. We will continue to work with the AHDB and others on educating our future generations in a safe and meaningful way.

Get growing

For those of you looking for ideas to entertain and educate your children over the next few weeks and months, growing produce is a great way to do this. Visit the Grow Your Own Potatoes (GYOP) website for easy-to-use tips and advice on how to grow potatoes, plus lots of fun activities.

Current education programmes

Food - a fact of life

The Food: a Fact of Life programme aims to promote knowledge and skills about where food comes from, as well as cooking and healthy eating, among young people.

Designed for teachers of three to 16-year-olds and run in partnership with the British Nutritional Foundation (BNF), the programme provides curriculum-relevant resources and teacher training, covering all sectors.

Visit the Food - a fact of life website

This website has recently been shortlisted for the two Digital Impact Awards - Best Corporate Website and Best Digital Rebrand.

Visit the Digital Impact Awards website

Grow Your Own Potatoes (GYOP)

Delivered in partnership with the industry, Grow Your Own Potatoes is a hands-on growing project.

Designed for primary school-aged children, it educates them about how potatoes grow and their role within a healthy balanced diet. 


Visit the Grow Your Own Potatoes website

Get involved

New posters ‘Farming Food For You’ are now available to download from our education digital resources list to help explain where food comes from.

Please note: we are currently unable to fulfil requests for printed resources, sorry for any inconvenience.

Working with the industry

We actively work to avoid duplication by complementing, not competing with or replicating, existing initiatives.

Existing education providers we work alongside include: