Delivering value for money as well as sensible risk management around how we use your levy is really important to us. We have two permanent Board committees to help provide this corporate governance oversight.

This section lists the permanent committees that AHDB runs as part of its duty to deliver sound corporate governance.

Audit and Risk Assurance Committee

This group is mainly responsible for making sure we follow good financial procedures across the business but also that we are making use of best practice in all areas of our work. They’re responsible for overseeing our Annual Report and Accounts.

Audit and Risk Assurance Committee membership is comprised five AHDB board members and two Sector Board members. The Committee is chaired by Sarah Pumfrett, an independent AHDB Board Member.

  • Sarah Pumfrett (Chair) – AHDB independent Board Member
  • Sophie Churchill – AHDB Board Member
  • Mike Sheldon – AHDB Board Member
  • Janet Swadling – AHDB Independent Board Member

Audit and Risk Assurance Committee terms of reference

Remuneration and Nominations Committee

This group looks at how we pay our Board Members, Senior Team and staff generally, how we’re recruiting people and also planning for succession.

Remuneration & Nominations Committee membership is comprised of the following AHDB board members:

  • Mike Sheldon (Chair) – AHDB Board Member
  • Nicholas Saphir – AHDB Chairman
  • Hayley Campbell-Gibbons – AHDB Board Member

Remuneration & Nominations Committee terms of reference