UK cereals supply and demand estimates

Updated 23 October 2020
The balance between supply and demand sets the overall tone of the domestic market. AHDB publishes forecasts of cereal supply and demand for the UK split into the areas of availability, consumption, exports and stocks.

Latest UK cereal supply and demand: October 2020

The 2020/21 AHDB early balance sheet estimates provide the first look of wheat and barley supply and demand for the season and show contrasting messages for both cereals. While the barley balance is estimated to be substantial once again this season, driven by a rise in supply outweighing the increase in animal feed usage, the wheat balance sheet is set to be the tightest on records going back to 1999. This is due to a significant drop in total availability as a result of a large drop in production.

Download the AHDB 2020/21 wheat and barley early balance sheets

Historic UK supply and demand

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As part of our work on UK cereals supply and demand we run two groups to enhance our offering to the industry – the AHDB Cross Sector Working Group and the AHDB Audit Function Group.

The aim of the two groups is to gain more industry input into the balance sheet forecasts before they are finalised, as well as ensuring all data is up-to-date and accurate.

To find out more or if you are interested in joining either group, please do get in contact with the AHDB Balance Sheet Team at

Download terms of reference (TOR) for both groups.

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