Cereal stocks

Updated 07 May 2020
This information shows the volume of cereal stocks held by merchants, ports and co-operatives in the UK at the end of February and June each year. The level of stocks held in the UK is a key factor for the market in determining price trends. This information is used to produce the UK cereals supply and demand estimates.

Overview: February 2020

  • As at 21 February 2020 an estimated 1.475 million tonnes of wheat stocks were held by merchants, ports and co-ops in the UK, 18.6% higher year on year. Home-grown wheat stocks were 25.9% higher at 1.282 million tonnes, while imported wheat was 14.4% lower over the same period at 192.7 thousand tonnes.
  • Stocks of home-grown barley held by merchants, ports and co-ops on 21 February 2020 were relatively unchanged (-0.3%) on year earlier levels at 931.3 thousand tonnes. At 121.3 thousand tonnes, stocks of home-grown oats are 2.4% lower than levels recorded at the end-February 2019. Imported barley and oat stocks are estimated at 19.9 thousand tonnes.
  • At 156.0 thousand tonnes, total stocks of maize held by merchants, ports and co-ops in the UK were 52.1% lower year on year.
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Cereal stocks held by merchants, ports and co-ops in the UK at end-February

Please note the Merchants, Ports and Co-ops Cereal Stocks Survey was not carried out in February 2016, 2017 and 2018.

*Insufficient sample to produce robust figure.
(1) Imported barley and oats are summed due to confidentiality constraints. 
(2) Maize is reported as a total of home grown and imported.

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Additional information

The England and Wales on-farm cereal stocks survey is carried out seperately by Defra. Similar to the merchants, ports and co-operatives survey, it is carried out as at the end of February and June each year with the results published by Defra in the spring and summer. The on-farm cereal stocks information can be found here.