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Ex-farm feed wheat prices steadily increased week-on-week throughout July.

Cow prices have been rallying across Europe in recent weeks. However, unlike the UK, most major countries are still pricing cows below year-earlier levels.

In the w/e 25 July, the GB all-prime and cull cow average deadweight prices totalled 361.9p/kg and 263.6p/kg, respectively.

Steak is now taking a larger share of the market

Global beef production is revised down by 1% to 60.8 million tonnes due to lower than expected slaughter in Brazil, China and North America

During May UK imports of fresh and frozen primary beef declined 2,700 tonnes, to 16,500 tonnes. Almost half of this decline came from a drop in shipments from Ireland. Product availability during May was lower year-on-year in Ireland.

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