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Potato markets

The latest industry data, analysis and insights to help inform your business decisions in the potatoes sector.

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3 April 2020

The widespread closure of restaurants and other food service outlets has meant that demand for processed potato products has fallen significantly.

2 April 2020

The past month (March) has been quite the rollercoaster for the country and the potato industry has been no exception. The first week of March remained relatively stable but from week two, traded volumes ramped up. In weeks two and three, overall trade seemed up, but this was heavily weighted to the retail sector and also the 25kg bags (ware) sector.

1 April 2020

In light of the coronavirus outbreak reaching the UK in January 2020 there has been significant development, ultimately changing the way the potato industry has been functioning. At first, the changes were slow but once the government started enforcing stricter guidelines things quickly changed.

27 March 2020

Anecdotal reports suggest that retail demand has started to lessen this week following the nationwide “lockdown” since Monday night. This has been suggested to be due to a reduction in panic buying as supermarkets introduce limits on purchasing.

24 March 2020

Overall tonnage has remained relatively stable to the previous week. However, this means it is still 19% higher than the first week of March.

20 March 2020

Panic buying linked to the coronavirus has boosted retail demand for fresh potatoes and frozen products this week. Meanwhile, sales into foodservice have dried up as the public moves away from restaurants and public spaces.

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