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GB milk production continued to fall in June, but the fall from the peak slowed down from the second week onwards.

The AHDB’s first estimate for the total GB potato area for 2020/21 is 119Kha.

Liveweight and deadweight new season lamb prices rose by 2p and 2.5p in the latest week, respectively.

June has been a relatively quiet month for potato markets. With lockdown measures easing, chipping markets have seen competition from other food service outlets re-opening.

The UK wheat crop is expected to be smaller year-on-year, with UK crop conditions now varying across regions.

The EU-spec SPP continued its upwards trajectory in the week ending 27 June.

After several weeks of sharp rises, GB cattle prices were largely steady this week.

This article focuses on the main factors that will influence the red meat sector in the coming years, particularly in light of the two major events of 2020, the coronavirus outbreak, and the upcoming deadline for Brexit.

A contraction in world trade, uncertain UK trading conditions, domestic consumers changing how they consume dairy and ever-challenging weather extremes. In this article we take a long-term view of what could shape the UK dairy industry over the coming years, and how to best equip ourselves to take advantage.

Global grain prices fell last week amid upgraded crop forecasts, plus harvest pressure and worries about the rate of coronavirus infection in parts of the US.

The drought in Australia has ended, and cattle farmers there are now looking to restock which limit production this year.

The post-coronavirus recovery of Ireland’s beef throughputs could cast uncertainty over GB prices.

Liveweight lamb prices have had a bumper week this week. The GB liveweight NSL SQQ gained 12p, to 226.64p/kg. Industry reports suggest supplies were below demand.

What might affect the price direction of new-crop rapeseed? With harvest rapidly approaching, let’s revisit these factors and the impact they could have.

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