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'Our market development strategy is about helping your businesses thrive. We work to create a healthy market for your product by developing and maintaining domestic and overseas markets and helping you give the customer what they want and will enjoy. That's why we invest over £19m in marketing and export development every year' - Christine Watts, Chief Officer (Communications and Market Development) 


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The team

Christine Watts

Chief Communications and Market Development Officer

Anna Farrell

UK Marketing & Communications Director

Rebecca Miah

Head of Marketing - Crops and Dairy

Liam Byrne

Head of Marketing - Pork, Beef and Lamb

Donna Neary

Marketing Team Manager

Gareth Renowden

Senior Marketing Manager - Beef and Lamb

Stu Baker

Senior Marketing Manager - Crops and Dairy

Natalie Dacre-O'Grady

Digital manager (marketing)

Peggy-Sue Elliot

Social media manager