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Lamb market analysis

Keeping up to date with all of the latest lamb market information is crucial. Here we have all the latest analysis and insight from our industry experts to help guide you through market movements and provide a clear, impartial view on what it all means.

Latest market news

2 April 2020

In December AHDB released its forecasts for cattle and sheep production. Since then the market has changed dramatically with much of Europe now in ‘lockdown’ due to coronavirus. Sheep prices have come under pressure with a lack of demand both domestically and in Europe, and the cattle industry is struggling with carcase balance.

2 April 2020

New Zealand volumes of sheep meat to the EU plus UK were marginally up during the first two months of 2020 at just shy of 25,000 tonnes. New Zealand’s usage of its EU quota (which for now includes the UK) during the first three months of the year was steady on-the-year.

1 April 2020

Coronavirus has not been positive for hide prices. The hide market had already been under pressure for some months, but further concerns about demand and the supply chain’s ability to keep running have pushed prices lower.

26 March 2020

The past week has been firmly spilt in two for the GB lamb market. The weekly GB liveweight OSL SQQ fell almost 30p in the week ended 25 March, to 220.76p/kg.

26 March 2020

The size of the UK breeding flock was steady year-on-year at the 1 December 2019.

24 March 2020

The impact of the coronavirus pandemic has dominated global markets over the past month, and it remains a fast changing situation.

Key analysis