UK producer numbers

Updated 1 September 2020

This information shows changes in the number of dairy producers in England and Wales on a monthly basis, according to data from the Food Standards Agency (FSA).


  • According to data from the FSA, the number of dairy producers in England and Wales has fallen by 898 in just 23 months.
  • This may not be a true reflection of the rate of farmers exiting the industry, as the FSA are currently updating their database. The data should be therefore be treated with caution.
  • Our survey into producer numbers of major milk buyers in April 20 suggested there are an estimated 8,380 dairy producers in Great Britain.

England – by region

Wales – by region

Additional information

Figures include buffalo, goat and sheep’s milk producers, as well as cows’ milk. Any producer selling milk for human consumption must be registered with the FSA – regardless of herd size. The FSA figures represent the number of processed forms received each month – and this is subject to time lags.

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