Milk price changes

Updated 08 October 2020

The latest publicly announced milk price changes as reported by the processors.


Announced milk price changes were mostly positive in October, although there were some small reductions on cost-based retailer-aligned contracts. For companies listed on the AHDB milk price table (download below), these increases were in the range of 0.50ppl to 1.00ppl. Meanwhile, the price reductions on contracts aligned to retailers were in the range of -0.06ppl to -0.21ppl.

Looking ahead to November, Freshways and Muller Direct have announced a 1ppl increase while Tesco aligned suppliers will see a drop of 0.56ppl. In addition, several companies have reportedly announced a hold on prices until December including Barbers Cheesemakers, Belton Farm Cheese, Crediton, South Caernarfon Creameries and Saputo Dairy UK.

It seems additional demand from the foodservice sector, which is strengthening wholesale markets, is helping to support increases in farmgate prices.

Please download the dataset below to view the most recently announced milk price changes.

Additional information

The milk price changes may not be fully reflected in the AHDB League Table.

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