Global milk deliveries

Updated 12 November 2020

Trends in global milk supplies impact on prices. Deliveries in the six key exporting regions are tracked to provide an overview of current production levels and trends in global milk supplies.

The milk production regions included are the EU-27, UK, Argentina, Australia, New Zealand and the United States. Combined, they account for more than 65% of global cow's milk production and around 80% of global exports of dairy products.


  • September global milk deliveries were up 1.6% year on year, equivalent to 13.3m litres more per day. In total across the key regions, deliveries reached 825 million litres per day.
  • The growth has come primarily from the EU and the US, where deliveries were up 1.1% and 2.3% respectively from previous year levels. Following some forced reductions in milk production in April and May, these two regions have realised good yields.
  • New Zealand has also had a good start to its new season, with deliveries up by 2.3m and 1.4m litres per day respectively in August and September.

Additional information

  • The tracker is a baseline for comparing against actual production, not a forecast of milk production.
  • The baseline is calculated using historic month-on-month movements in milk production, providing information on a typical milk year in each of the key regions. 

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