EU wholesale prices

Updated 9 September 2020

An overview of how the dairy markets are moving in the EU. Price series comparing average EU wholesale prices of butter, SMP, WMP and cheese. They are updated on a monthly basis.
As of 1 February 2020 the MMO has changed its data reporting to EU (excluding UK), including historic data back to January 2016. For historic EU-28 prices up to Dec 2019, please download the spreadsheet using the link below.

Monthly overview

Price movements on EU wholesale markets were mixed in August. Butter prices increased, while prices for milk powders and whey fell slightly. The average cheese price increased marginally on the month, although price movements varied between varieties.

Butter prices moved up August, reflecting higher prices for spot cream and firm demand. Demand for packaged butter was reported as strong, while bulk butter demand was reportedly steady.

SMP prices dropped back slightly on the month, although reports indicate that pricing was inconsistent throughout Western Europe. Demand for bulk product was poor, which likely added pressure to prices. Conversely, the impact of hot weather during August on milk production, reduced SMP production and provided support to prices. Export Interest was reported as good.

WMP markets remained relatively steady on the month, only dropping back by £2/tonne. Markets were described as calm and quiet in August. Sales interest was reportedly lower, which has led some plants to reduce production schedules, helping to keep prices firm.

Overall, the average cheese price increased marginally on the month. However, price movements were mixed depending on variety. Prices for Edam recorded the largest increase on the month, rising by £87/tonne. Prices for Gouda and Emmental also increased on the month, by £50/tonne and £41/tonne respectively.  Meanwhile, prices for Cheddar dropped back by £72/tonne.

Additional information

Please note that prices can vary markedly within each market sector: the prices above are intended to give a guide to trends in price changes, but the absolute values experienced in the market place may differ from those shown.

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EU wholesale prices