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27 March 2020

From recruiting workers to educating your workforce, we've created five top tips to help you through this challenging time.

30 March 2020

Building a skilled workforce in agriculture and horticulture is one of the greatest opportunities of our time. Join this webinar to hear how our industry is pulling together to rise to the occasion - and how you can play your part too.

17 February 2020

All good communication begins with the ability to listen effectively to what others are saying. Mistakes and misunderstandings around your farm could be hitting your bottom line, effecting morale and even causing people to leave your business.

4 March 2020

Plan and deliver effective verbal communication to a range of audiences for desired outcomes.

19 February 2020

Plan and deliver effective verbal communication to a range of audiences for desired outcomes.

6 February 2020

How we communicate with each other has a huge impact on efficiency, effectiveness, and farm profitability

27 February 2020

To meet the challenge of modern farming and environmental practice and to stay competitive, we need to be ambitious about developing our people. This means getting better organised to maintain and attract sufficient labour with the right skills for the future.

11 December 2019

Meetings are important to ensure everyone is working together to achieve your business goals. But when they happen, many meetings are not structured, recorded or valued.

28 November 2019

How to implement Lean principles to increase labour productivity

4 November 2019

What are the main factors of Lean? A handy reference poster

30 October 2019

Environmental issues are the main driver for change in the future of the UK ornamentals sector, and now a focus for the development of an industry skills strategy.

9 October 2019

An induction video for seasonal fruit workers, helping to get the best from your workforce. Also available in Polish, Romanian, Bulgarian, Ukranian, Latvian, Lithuanian and Russian.